Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Men and Illness

I don't even understand men when they are ill. It may not be all men, just my husband, I don't know for sure. I do know when I told Karissa about Pat's illness, she proceeded to laugh, and I said, "You are only laughing because it is not your husband." To which she replied, "NO, I am laughing because I have seen Pat sick!" OK, so there is my proof, that he is the absolute DEVIL when he is sick. I begged and pleaded with him to just stay at work because I didn't want to see his pathetic, disgusting face when he stumbled through the door, but none the less, he is here, and I am less than pleased.

He has EXACTLY the same thing that Tyler had. Tyler was a gem through it all. She would throw up and go back to playing, drink a little juice, throw it up and be on her merry way. In fact, I would have to say that she was in the best mood EVER on Friday, so if an 19 month old can pick herself up and carry on, shouldn't a 28 year old man!!!! I guess women are born fighters!

I just want to reserve him a room at the nearest Days Inn and call it a night. GO AWAY GERMS! BLAH! Where would I go if I were to get this? I would not have anywhere to go because everywhere I went, I would have four tiny feet chasing me down asking me a million and one questions about what is wrong! You would never hear me utter the words, "I want to go home and rest!" He has to be joking, right?

I am sure Tamara who has cared for her husband throughout several serious injuries now is reading this and thinking, "OMG Woman, it is a tiny little illness!" But, I guess that is my point, it is a small illness, what if something was to REALLY happen to him.


K to the M said...

I love it! You ask what would happen if you got sick? You would get up in the morning and STILL put on your cape and suck it up! That's the problem, men don't have the cape. I have yet to meet a man who deals well with sickness, however, you are definitely married to the king bee. Lol! You gotta love Pat though...he is the white Denzel Washington. I wonder how Denzel acts when he's sick?

Cynthia said...

how's sickie today? do you have to fumigate?

Colleen said...

I have totally bleached my house from top to bottom today! I just don't think he realizes how much extra work his illness has caused! I have YET to forgive him for this. Funny thing is my sister has it now, and she went into the bathroom at work, threw up and was back to work in no time!! AND I THINK SHE IS A WIMP, so he is just SUPER WIMPY!