Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I will cheer for the Spurs now that they beat the Suns, but ONLY because baby Jackson was born there, and one of his friends from school has an uncle on the Spurs, so it is kind of hard not to now!!!

Monday, April 28, 2008

I love this man!

I am on minute 40 of this video, and I just eat up every word he (Randy Pausch) says! I am happy to say my inbox is almost ALWAYS empty!

Much to do about nothing

For those of you who may not know, Jackson suffered a tooth injury about two weeks ago, WHILE AT THE DOCTOR'S OFFICE! I could be sitting on the couch eating bon bons, sending Jackson off to play in some other room of the house, but the child manages to fall and knock his front right tooth, just a little off kilter ONE FOOT AWAY FROM ME! So, he had his first trip to the dentist, he was fabulous, when asked what he drinks, he said, "I drink milk and juice. My daddy drinks Dr. Pepper and beer!" I am sure that the office is still talking about that since he ANNOUNCED it! He got his very first cleaning, a new toothbrush and a toy out of this awesome machine they have, the place was AMAZING. If you ever need a pediatric dentist or orthodontist, please message me, the waiting room was the most amazing thing I had ever been in, they had a slide, video games, toys, books, television, etc.
So, the doctor said that there was a chance the tooth could become discolored, which has been FREAKING ME OUT. I have never seen one child asked to smile or say, "Cheese!" I have studied the tooth up and down, round and round, side to side. Pat and I happen to think it is discoloring, if you ask someone not so close to Jackson, they will say they don't notice, but I guess they don't look at him and know every inch of his being like we do! So, now the question is what to do? Do we leave it (BUT KIDS ARE MEAN, and you don't lose your baby teeth until grade school!)? Do we pull it (kind of dramatic if you ask me, and would that interfere with his speech)? OR, my latest plan, do we have it bonded (light coating of tooth like material, just to make it match the other teeth)? I know, I know it is a baby tooth, but I have teeth issues, so this tugs at my heartstrings about twelve times an hour.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Teacher Appreciation

Jackson's school is hosting a Teacher Appreciation Luncheon in about a week and a half, and the parents and students were asked to prepare little trinkets, notes, pictures, letters of appreciation, etc. to be presented to the teachers at the lunch. As a former teacher myself, I always aim to make gifts that can be USED. I was directed to a website, www.familyfun.com, which is LOADED with tons of age appropriate, FUN ideas, and I thought, "What preschool teacher cannot use a towel?" There is always a mess to be cleaned up! We also made one for his music teacher, who he just ADORES, and one for Coach. This craft is very affordable once you have the fabric paint, you can buy oodles and oodles of dishtowels without breaking the bank!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

It's Pool Time

My son is a fish, which I love because my dream is for him to grow up and join the swim team, but that's another story for a different day. The other night, Pat and Jackson stripped down to their undies and jumped in the pool. Jackson loved it, exclaiming, "I love cold water!" He has wanted to go in every night since, but I told him after t-ball he could go in!

The child has absolutely NO FEAR. Straight to the diving board, off into the deep end, LOVES IT! Could stay in the pool jumping in the whole afternoon. He is AMAZING about sitting on the side of the pool waiting for Pat to get in position, ready to catch him. I guess if you want your child to listen somewhere, you can't beat them following directions around the pool.

My little Mai Tai has a whole different take on the pool. I don't know if she thinks Pat isn't going to come up once he jumps in, but she screams HYSTERICALLY anytime that Pat jumps in the pool. We got her to sit on the step today, which is pretty amazing since the pool is still FREEZING, but she much preferred just sitting in Grandma's arms on the side of the pool! Just wait until the day we dunk her! Swim lessons here we come!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Here goes nothing. . .

I have been putting off starting a blog for quite some time now because I am not as confident in my blogging skills as I am with MySpace, but I figure you have to start somewhere! While, I may not have the most "beautiful" blog out there in cyber space, I can guarantee that it will not be boring. Nothing is boring in my life anymore!
We had a playgroup here this morning, really great group of kids, and I just ADORE the moms. It was truly enjoyable to see Tyler interact with children other than Jackson. She and Will were crawling all over the floor, and while she has been walking for months now, she was happy as a clam getting down to his level! She also had a great time trying to hold his hand and help him walk. I think she observes much more than we realize. Always listening and constantly trying to please. Jackson asked for food the entire playgroup, is not satisfied unless he is eating, I have no idea how it is that he doesn't weigh 2000 lbs, but I guess 40 lbs is a pretty large 3 year old. Jackson is set when it comes to dating in high school though because there are no boys in this playgroup, other than "Baby Will", and each of the girls is as GORGEOUS as can be! He may not appreciate it now, but someday, he will thank me for becoming friends with all moms of girls.