Monday, April 28, 2008

Much to do about nothing

For those of you who may not know, Jackson suffered a tooth injury about two weeks ago, WHILE AT THE DOCTOR'S OFFICE! I could be sitting on the couch eating bon bons, sending Jackson off to play in some other room of the house, but the child manages to fall and knock his front right tooth, just a little off kilter ONE FOOT AWAY FROM ME! So, he had his first trip to the dentist, he was fabulous, when asked what he drinks, he said, "I drink milk and juice. My daddy drinks Dr. Pepper and beer!" I am sure that the office is still talking about that since he ANNOUNCED it! He got his very first cleaning, a new toothbrush and a toy out of this awesome machine they have, the place was AMAZING. If you ever need a pediatric dentist or orthodontist, please message me, the waiting room was the most amazing thing I had ever been in, they had a slide, video games, toys, books, television, etc.
So, the doctor said that there was a chance the tooth could become discolored, which has been FREAKING ME OUT. I have never seen one child asked to smile or say, "Cheese!" I have studied the tooth up and down, round and round, side to side. Pat and I happen to think it is discoloring, if you ask someone not so close to Jackson, they will say they don't notice, but I guess they don't look at him and know every inch of his being like we do! So, now the question is what to do? Do we leave it (BUT KIDS ARE MEAN, and you don't lose your baby teeth until grade school!)? Do we pull it (kind of dramatic if you ask me, and would that interfere with his speech)? OR, my latest plan, do we have it bonded (light coating of tooth like material, just to make it match the other teeth)? I know, I know it is a baby tooth, but I have teeth issues, so this tugs at my heartstrings about twelve times an hour.


Cynthia said...

Leave it as is. Madeleine has 2 discolored front teeth and like you unless you've got your head in her mouth you don't notice it, Brooks and I do but no one else would. Our dentist strongly advised us from doing anything,particularly pulling it and told us to just let it be. don't bond it, like you said it's a baby tooth and having the bonding done could be traumatic to him and make future trips to the dentist a nightmare. just think it'll be out on it's own in 2 1/2 years.

Laurie said...

Leave it. Check my posts a while back, the same thing just happened to Ruby a month ago! Her front tooth is a little discolored but it's ok. They can go in and remove some of the dead pulp which lightens it a bit and they can do a little whitening treatment on it. That's what we did. Because it's dead our dentist said it will probably fall out early anyways.