Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. Has anyone tried the jeans yet? They are in the pant rotation, just like my black pants, they are THAT comfy! Can I wear jeans to Easter brunch???

2. It is soooooooooo nice not having to race out the door in the morning!!! I can't tell you the last time I was still in my pajamas at 7:45, sweet comfort!

3. Poor Sandra Bullock! I think being cheated on would be the worst thing EVER, but seriously to have it posted all over everywhere you look, ugh! AND, I am super mad because he TOTALLY fooled me when he was on Celebrity Apprentice. I loved him, I thought he was great, I saw what Sandra saw, BLAH! I can't remember if I wrote this before, so if I did, sorry, but I just feel terrible for her!

4. I haven't turned my air on yet! Yesterday it was 87, and that was pushing it, but it is supposed to be in the 60s later on this week, and I didn't want to turn it on and off, so I suffered through it :-) For those of you who know me, this was a great sacrifice!

5. OHHHHHHH, but I do NOT enjoy the INSANE amount of arguing between my kids that goes on when they are together. I think listening to the shrieks, crying, yelling, fighting, etc is my LEAST favorite part of being a parent!

6. Why don't dads get Spring Break?

7. Who ever is behind the Folger's commercials needs to win a Daytime Emmy award. There is more emotion in those flipping commercials than soap operas!

8. When Sarah Palin was in town talking at McCain's rally, she was wearing a black LEATHER suit, come on you freak, it is almost one hundred degrees outside! I was trying to explain to someone that my hatred of her is not even remotely sane anymore. I want to remove TLC from my cable JUST so that I never accidentally fall upon her show about Alaska! I don't know that I have ever hated someone so much. Maybe Ellen (Karissa brother's ex girlfriend), but she actually punched me in the face, I had good reason, Sarah Palin, never even met her. LET IT GO COLLEEN! (I have to admit though that AZ GOV Brewer is the very next on this list of politicians I can't stand. I can almost see the cigarette smoke spewing from her mouth as she speaks, she should be the poster woman for people to STOP SMOKING, OMG!)

9. If the health care bill took care of health care and Pat's overwhelming amount of student loan debt, that to me would be the BEST bill ever past! I know so many people are worked up over the bill, but seriously, so many things don't even go into effect until 2014, it will probably be overturned or changed by then.

10. Keep Pat's dad in your prayers, he is in the hospital with what they think may have been a minor stroke, results later this morning.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Decision Has Been Made

While I know it is NOT the popular decision when it comes to my blog, a decision where my kids will attend elementary school has been made, and we are going public. I know that private school is great, and I know that from personal experience, but QUITE HONESTLY, I am ready for some real exposure to some real kids. I don't want my kids to grow up around other kids who have had to pass the same ridiculous test in order to even qualify for preschool.

I was lucky enough to go to breakfast with this AMAZING little girl the other morning, she is 6 and has special needs. I just kept thinking the entire time about how Jackson and Tyler would react VERY poorly to this child, and that is NOT WHAT I WANT FOR MY CHILDREN!! Sure, the kids from his current school may be the brightest and greatest, but that's not what I want for my child. They will be BRILLIANT NO MATTER WHERE THEY GO! At this point, school is to provide them with the real world experiences that I really lacked.

I was explaining to SOMEONE the other day, and I can't even remember who, about how I got a minor in Religion in College. I walked into my "World Religions" class at ASU, and I thought, "Wow, I have never heard or learned about ANY of these other religions before!" The closest thing I ever got was a cults class offered at Xavier, but I wouldn't really classify that as learning, SORRY! I loved it, and I feel without these religion classes, I would have REALLY struggled with 9/11. I struggled, I skipped classes, I watched HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS of coverage, but I grasped it much better than others. I understood that the terrorists REALLY believe that sacrificing human lives will get them to the promised land. Does that make it right, ABSOLUTELY NOT, do I agree with it, ABSOLUTELY NOT, but the education I received pertaining to the religions of the world HELPED ME!

I want my kids to be well rounded. I think we all want for our kids what we didn't have (EXCEPT the whole Tyler dance thing, I am not dealing well with that). I had an amazing life, but it was SHELTERED. Was that bad, no, it was just different than what I choose for my kids!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Cell Phone Cover

For Christmas, Tyler picked out and gave me THIS cell phone cover. . .

If you see me out, and you wonder, why does a 30 year old have a phone cover that SCREAMS 3 year old, now you will know!

In other news, this blog background is in honor of the little girl that puts a smile on my face more often than not these days!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Knott's Berry Farm

Getting ready to meet Alissa for dinner at the Chicken Restaurant-we got to eat there twice, once for breakfast before we left, YUM!!! I totally got caught up in the food and forgot to take any pictures of it!

My little hotdogs, how funny that J and T are in the opposite gender "dogs"! Pinks was sooooooo good, love that they had cheese for their fries-made me kind of forget about ranch!

Tyler was TERRIBLE at the Snoopy breakfast, I actually dragged her from the restaurant and took her to the bathroom, I didn't much know what I was supposed to do when I got there, so we had a "talk", and then we went back. Then, we took this crazy picture!

Chef Snoopy, at this point Tyler is still terrified of him!

I love this picture because Jackson is pouting because I was torturing him by telling him we had to go on the ghosty mine roller coaster, he wasn't even big enough, but it was FUN to torture him, for awhile anyway!

This is the picture J made for Snoopy, we actually brought it from Phoenix and took it to the park, CRACK, that's what I must have used to agree to this!

Tyler's warming up to Snoopy!

Tyler doesn't really like rides, she was pretty scared of everything except Snoopy's Bounce House, she would have stayed in there all day!

J is thrilled, OF COURSE!

Tyler giving Snoopy hugs!

Loving that J and I went on the Dragon Swing together, my FAVORITE RIDE!

I used to think I liked the swings, I seriously HATE rides that go in circles, fast, tall, whatever, just don't spin me round, BLAH!

Tyler LOVES to get her face painted, I caved and let her, she was thrilled to pieces!

Notice Colleen is NOT on the spinning hat!

What is better than HUGE suckers-having HUGE suckers while pizza sauce is still smeared all over your face-PRICELESS!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Beach BUMS

I realized something about my blog, I NEVER post any pictures of my kids crying, and they do that A LOT-cry, whine, fight, bicker, moan, etc etc etc. I am usually too aggravated and annoyed to grab my camera, but this time the crying took place right when I had my camera handy.

Jackson LOVED the beach, and had he had the appropriate attire on, he would have stayed out there all day. Small problem, he was knocked down by a wave while digging for crabs about five minutes into the experience. He was NOT happy, he was covered in water from shoulder to toe. Mommy didn't bring any extra clothes with because she wasn't very smart. Oh well, we survived. Thankfully, daddy had a sweatshirt for Jackson to borrow. It was slow motion when he got knocked down, I SWEAR! I wish I could have caught him, it would have made for a much more exciting trip to the beach, but it wouldn't have created the story we have today!

Tyler HATED putting her feet in the water, but as always, I MADE HER! I didn't want her to miss the opportunity to stick her feet in the Pacific. She screamed and cried for awhile, but once I showed her the seashells, she was in heaven, she loved hopping through the sand and finding seashells, give the girl a bucket, and she would have been set! Here she is screaming "NO!" at me and running away!

Overall, I got some great pictures, and I have to say the one at the top ROCKS since I am not a professional or anything! Some of my favorites. . .

I am happy we went to the beach, the kids talk about it all the time, my only regret is that I didn't get to try out any highly recommended restaurants in the area because we had to go back to the hotel and change their clothes. In other news, I got to have Eggs Benedict at Mrs Knott's Chicken Restaurant, and it was amazing, so it all works out!

More to come about Knott's Berry Farm tomorrow!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


If you follow Aaron Karo, you know what I am talking about, if not, this is just a bunch of RANDOM things I have been thinking about.

1. I need to plan something for July and August, if I don't, and I have nothing to look forward to, I will die. If anyone wants to take me on an all expense paid trip, please contact me PRONTO!!! I cannot imagine being responsible for these children, ALONE for EIGHT FLIPPING WEEKS (probably more, but I am not willing to count!)

2. I don't do camping, but I do enjoy LONG walks on the beach and luxury beach house rentals! Preferably with a king bed, but I will sacrifice and make Pat sleep on the floor :-) If people would like to share a beach house, also email me, I may be willing to contribute to the bill, but think I should pay less because Pat and I are so fun(ny)!

3. Am I making anyone laugh yet?

4. I am REALLY scared that Pat will HATE the chicken dinner when we get to Knott's Berry Farm!

5. The day after Easter, Pat and I have a date with a sushi restaurant BECAUSE a lot of sushi contains cream cheese and mayo! NO WONDER I HAVE BEEN CRAVING IT!

6. Is it terrible that I enjoy hearing Pat get frustrated with the kids because I like knowing it take 3 seconds for them to annoy him, when I am here with them ALL DAY LONG!

7. I like tweeting celebrities, it makes me feel as though I am part of the in crowd!

8. Listening to Jackson read is enough to drive me to drink, I HATE listening to kids sound out words! WORST PART OF TEACHING, hands down!

9. All the fish are DEAD-THE.END.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


I have been wearing Old Navy jeans for years and years and years and years, and I really don't like them all that much. Finally last week, I decided to try some on at different places, and I couldn't really find any I liked, until I hit the denim JACKPOT at TARGET of all places!!!

$24.99-I was willing to spend up to $100 if they fit right!

Merona Fit Solutions No Gap Waist Jean-Dark Wash

OMG, how dorky do those sound, INCREDIBLY, but I am telling you, I can bend over without my butt hanging out, they are soft and stretchy, ALMOST as comfortable as my black pants. . .almost! Basically, I can be a mom in them and look cute at the same time!

I left them on all day yesterday, I didn't rush home and put pajama pants on, it was AMAZING! I am in love!

Hurry, go try them on today and tell me what you think! I can't WAIT to hear what you all think of my awesome mom jeans!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Our Newest Additions

At the auction on Saturday night, I bid on swim lessons with my favorite lady Mrs. Wyse! The swim lessons came with the fish or the other way around. Anyway, my kids have named them Jack and Puppy Girl. Really creative, I know!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. Jackson had his first tball game on Saturday. It was a BEAUTIFUL day.

2. I should have put sit next to the glass at a hockey game on my things to do before I am 40. . .we bought two glass tickets at the school auction to the Coyotes game on April 3rd. I am SOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!

3. Real Housewives of NYC is my second fav (New Jersey will always hold a special place in my heart) Housewives group. I swear when Bethenny and The Countess were having their "reconciliation" at the bar/cafe. I was dying. For those of you who missed it, The Countess was explaining that if you invite someone to go out and do something, surfing for example, then you are expected to pay for the activity! Sorry all, if these are the rules, I am DONE inviting people to hang out, and trust me when I say that if you invite me somewhere, I don't expect you to pay!

4. Karl Rove and Matt Lauer going at it on the Today Show is hysterical. It is so obvious that Matt can't stand Karl. I love when Matt does these types of interviews.

5. I should NOT be trusted with a checkbook. I cannot remember to turn in checks. If I can't Bill Pay it, I should NOT be allowed to sign up for the event/activity!

6. Did anyone else want Kathryn Bigelow to yell SUCK IT to James Cameron at the Academy Awards? (A) He has been married FIVE times! (B) He seems like an arrogant ASS! (C) He continues to marry people who play roles in his films, who is next, Sigourney Weaver? GROSS, I just don't like him an ounce!

7. Pat loved Avatar, and we disagree strongly on this topic!

8. Is anyone surprised that Pat and I disagree on something????

9. I am kind of bummed that Melissa Rycroft Strickland (the Melissa from the Bachelor) didn't get the Dancing with the Stars hosting job. I like her, and I think she is GENUINE!

10. How about I almost threw up a little last night watching the The Bachelor:Jason and Molly's Wedding!? They are so disgusting and gross together, they deserve one another and their TORTURED life! BLAH!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. Seriously who has an hour and a half t-ball practice. I was bored watching them after like 45 minutes, I think that is sufficient. Especially when all the parents are expected to stay and watch, Tyler is running around, spinning, doing handstands, picking up what looked like moldy pinecones. Just reminds me of how much I cannot STAND the outdoors!

2. I sign Jackson up for these things because Pat swears to me that he will help out, take Jackson, and what do you know? I am sitting at tball two or three times a week! BLAH!

3. It is really hard not to LOVE watching 5 year olds play tball though because they are all so flighty, not paying attention, TALKING, and just overall HUMOROUS!

4. Day One of Pat's trial apparently went well. He looked very relieved after picking the jury and doing his opening statement! Day Two started about an hour ago, keep your fingers crossed, for him and for me that I am able to keep up this "supportive wife" facade, when really I just want to punch him in the face and say, "I need some flipping help around here!" This trial comes on the heels of much pre-trial prep, and I feel like I haven't really talked to or seen Pat in like three weeks! He's here, but not really, know what I mean?

5. Pat has been very kind about the whole trial thing and has thanked me NUMEROUS times a day for doing everything around here. I am pretty sure he is aware just how much extra work it is for me! I am still confused why stay at home moms aren't paid by the state!

6. Do you like how number 1-5 have been contradictions? I think that's ok though. I think tball is very cute, I just don't like going 2-3 times a week for 1.5 hours. Pat has been nice about all the extra work, but I am sick of doing it!

7. I cannot keep the Master Bedroom clean for the LIFE OF ME!

8.I just spent an hour filling out the registration forms to re-enroll Tyler at the SAME SCHOOL next year. Shouldn't the paperwork be less substantial once you have already gone there?? SOOOO ANNOYING!

9. I want a new BIGGER house-STAT! I feel like there isn't a place for everything in this house.

10. I don't want to go look at houses at all! How's that for another contradiction!? Why can't some relative I have never met, die and leave me their house in the one square mile I am willing to live in? Is that too much to ask????

Happy Tuesday All!

Monday, March 1, 2010

When I Grow Up

I have gone through the motions of my life for the past 12 years or so, trying to figure out what I "want to be when I grow up". I have tried on many different hats. I would have to say any sort of RETAIL position sucked the big one, and I freaking hated everything about retail: customer service, cleaning, stocking, inventory, OMG-NONE of those words sound remotely appealing. I have a degree in Psychology, a minor in Religion, a Education Certificate, 2 Kids, a Husband and a Partridge in a Pear Tree. What I am trying to say is that I still have NO IDEA what I want to be when I grow up. I think I am content. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be a food critic, but who wouldn't. Well, I don't think my husband would because he won't try anything new, but can you imagine the glory of walking into a restaurant and having the wait staff, chef, hostess, etc. CRINGE because you are there to eat at their restaurant, bringing you plates and plates of food, signature drinks, and dessert. To me, this would be my defining moment.

Today, is Pat's moment. His first trial as first chair. I imagine the entire time you are in law school, you imagine what it would be like to go to trial and what you would do or say. Today is a HUGE hurdle for him. It is not so much about whether or not he wins or loses, but about never having to say that it's his first trial ever again! Much more goes into the whole trial process than you would think after watching something like Law and Order, or my current fav, The Deep End. Pat's trial is a big deal because it is a trial, but my heart goes out to those families of attorneys or judges who have been involved in high profile trials: OJ Simpson comes to mind. The ENDLESS hours and energy that is expended getting ready for trial is INSANE!

So, if you are the praying type, or if you just want to send a few good vibes his way today, I know he is NERVOUS as all get out, and would appreciate all the good energy he can receive!

No matter what happens, you are still a super star in our eyes! WE LOVE YOU!