Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ten on Tuesday-My Christmas List

1. A new battery for my car. Very excited I know!

2. Coach perfume-I think I liked the one in the square/rectangle bottle better.

3. A mandolin.

4. Crazy Monkey Lady to stop appearing in the hall every time I bring Tyler to school. Seriously, it is getting a little old trying to find something else to look at when we pass one another. This morning she opened the door for me, I said thank you, and she didn't respond! Class act that woman is!

5. MAID!

6. Dreamworks Royal Carribean cruise (I was planning on never going on another Royal Carribean cruise because they didn't have any ranch the last time we went, but I will suffer-OR check to make sure they have ranch before boarding-what if I brought my own bottle on board-HA)!

7. A DVR that doesn't randomly shut off and restart fifteen times a day-which I could easily get, but there is the whole hating people in my house thing, so I suffer through it!

8. Charming Charlie gift card.

9. Target gift card.

10. To believe in Santa!

I just remembered the Glee Christmas CD comes out today-how am I going to fit a trip to Target in to my day? I am feeling completely overwhelmed, and I think it is starting to spiral out of control! :-p