Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. We are under contract on a house. Way too much to think about. I am not FASCINATED by the whole house concept, but it will be nice to have somewhere to call my own that I don't have to worry about leaving or getting kicked out of. I wish I had a decorating gene in my body, but I walk into Jaclyn's house and wonder how she came up with this or that, she is so talented! I need an interior decorator! STAT!

2. Organizing my children's schedule is a full time job. Add in any family plans we might have, and I am pretty dang sure I need a full time assistant!

3. We are going to spend A LOT of time in the pool this month because most of the kid's toys are packed, and they are a bundle of energy the sun and water tire them out nicely, and then when we come back inside and throw them in front of a movie, I don't feel so bad!

4. Meatless Monday is starting to be a REAL DRAG, especially when it falls on a Holiday!

5. I think I need to eat a steak or something. I am so tired all of the time. I took two naps yesterday, went to bed at 9:30, and some how I still woke up tired.

6. Tyler is getting better about moving, she was having a REALLY hard time for awhile. She still has her moments where I think it all just doesn't make sense in her head, but we are working on it.

7. My grocery store bill is going to sky rocket now that the kids are home for the summer, they can really throw down!

8. Drew got a heart. You can continue to follow the journey HERE!

9. I often eat lunch for breakfast and breakfast for lunch.

10. Dropped Jackson off at his Summer School this morning, and I had to laugh because I am so clearly a dork because all the parents of the other "gifted" children were complete and total dorks, and that's so judgmental, I KNOW, so I decided that I couldn't possibly be the only "cool" parent there, so I have accepted the fact that I am a dork. I would rather be a dork than the possessed parent in the parking lot SCREAMING at her child that she was going to give him a spanking. I turned to Jackson and Tyler and quietly said, "Isn't it like 7:30 AM, why is this person already screaming?" GOOD TIMES AT THE SUMMER SCHOOL DROP OFF!