Thursday, January 3, 2013

Things I am LOVING right now!

I love seeing posts when people tell me something they are really in to! If I read your blog, I probably like you, and then it means I might like it too! So I thought I would post a few of the things I am really in to right now!

Raincoast Crisps (I can find them at AJ's or Whole Foods)!These crackers/toasts are AMAZING with herb goat cheese. I LOVE CHEESE! Have I mentioned that!???
I got this Oil of Olay Facial Cleanser for Christmas, and it seriously pulled all the imperfections to the surface within a day, and hopefully they are gone for good. It is also very therapeutic when using it to massage my face in the shower! LOVE IT!
One of the best "kid" movies I have seen in a LONG TIME! I laughed, I cried. It was magical!
Pat and I walked out of the movie theater and asked one another if someone had been secretly documenting our lives over the past year and no one told us! It was so funny!
I got my mom this book for Christmas by Kitty Kelley, and she started crying when she opened it, and I saw her pass it on to my grandma the other day, so if you have any parents around the same age as my mom (almost 60!), it seems to be a very popular book!
My son is OBSESSED with football. Mainly because he thought until the other day that he could get drafted out of high school and skip college. I seriously drove past my stop because I was arguing with him about how he was GOING TO COLLEGE! I fully think people should go play football if they are drafted, but they need to go back and finish. I told him he was going to have to sign a contract stating that he would have to go to college and finish, and he was FREAKING OUT! Why is it always the smart ones that want to do the bare minimum? Anyway, we have been playing this game over Christmas Break, and I kind of rock! I love video games!


Brad said...

This is 40 was the funniest movie that I think I've ever watched! Seriously.

Karen said...

I so very much need to see This is 40 - maybe I can convince Joe for Valentine's Day ... doubtful, but I'll try.