Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What being an aunt means to me!

I have never been an aunt before, and I didn't have aunts that were really active in my life growing up, so seeing how Katie is having a baby this winter, I have been reflecting on what being an aunt will mean to me.

- Being able to hand the child off to the parents after you have had ENOUGH!
- Sticking the child's butt in the parent's face and asking, "Do they need their diaper changed?"
- Handing the child to the parent after they reply, "Yes!" to the question above.
- Being considered cool because you don't have to discipline, you just mediate!
- Enjoying the child when they are around because they are not ALWAYS around, and you have not seen them do their "trick" nine thousand times already!
- Sneaking the child treats BEFORE dinner!
- Watching the child develop a personality unique to it and their family.
- Knowing that you don't have to pay for them to go to college, their medical bills, their grocery bills, etc.
- Picking out clothes for them (I could really do this for anyone, except myself, so I just had to add it on!)
- Setting aside special time to take them to do something they want to do!

I know my reasons may not be deep or profound, but I am truly SO EXCITED to be an aunt this winter. I cannot wait to experience the phone call informing me the sex of the baby, sitting in the waiting room desperate for an ounce of news about the baby, listening to Katie complain about how tired she is (OH WAIT, I ALREADY DO!), and just savoring every moment of holding the precious baby before it no longer wants to be held anymore.


Cynthia said...

Being an Aunt ROCKS! You've hit some really good points, one of the best is when the baby starts crying/fussing while you're holding him/her, you get up walk over to Mom & Dad and say "here ya go" and that's that!

Thomson Family said...

Yay for that post! Cutest thing ever. Except I won't take it back when it's crying, or when it needs its diaper changed. Since I know that you already have the experience of a mom, I will trust you to completely handle it! YAY!

Laurie said...

Eric's sister always refers to herself as the girls' "favorite Aunt Shari" thus they automatically think she is their favorite! Talk about brain washing, but it works! You'll have to do that too, start early and you'll be the favorite in no time!

K to the M said...

I love it!! I know exactly what you mean! I love being an aunt! Even though my nieces are four hours away, they still think I'm the coolest because I put forth that effort :) I plan to do the same for the little man coming in August! I still have a very close relationship with my aunts AND uncles, I only hope my kids can have the same.

K to the M said...

I forgot to mention that Kai and Leila's Aunt Kiera is definitely AMAZING!! So involved and on top of things. She is a sassy one, that girl :)