Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cupcakes BEFORE Pizza!

Whoever said that you have to eat lunch before the cupcake never had an outing with MOMMY!!! Today, Tyler went to her "Meet the Teacher" session with Ms. Tamara, so Jackson and I had some alone time, so we went off to check out the new Sprinkles "Cupcake Store"! Andrea and Lizzy joined us on our adventure, and you could tell that the two little preschoolers felt pretty special walking into the cupcake store, choosing which cupcake they wanted, then sitting outside and eating the cupcake of their choice. The cupcakes were good, but they were really nothing special, and they were piled HIGH with frosting which took away from the yumminess of the cake if you ask me. I did sample some of the "special" flavors when I got home, and while the lemon and banana are pretty darn tasty, I can't say that I am particularly impressed with their basic vanilla and chocolate! The other cupcakes that are left in the box untouched are a red velvet and a black and white. I told Pat when he came home there were going to be little pieces taken out of each of them! I also took a picture so that you could see just how much frosting was piled high on each of them! LOL!

After the cupcake store we headed to Peter Piper Pizza for lunch, which I think was stimulation OVERLOAD, but it killed some more hours in the longest week ever. One would think after this amazing morning, the kiddos would still be asleep, but I got like an hour and a half maximum out of each of them, and then they were up and ready for more. So, we have spent the afternoon swimming and eating fruit snacks. Probably the LEAST nutritious day that the kids have ever had in their life, BUT to me, that's what memories are made of!


Cynthia said...

I agree those are the best days !

K to the M said...

Those look so yummy I can hardly stand it! What a fun day!