Thursday, September 18, 2008

Moving On UP!

My little boy is a baby no more! Since the end of the summer, I have had to pay more money to shop in boys vs toddler, this means shoes, pants, shirts, shorts, hats, etc. all cost a pretty penny more just because he moved up a department! It's amazing how one size can cost so much more! On the up side, Tyler will wear the toddler size for the next 7 years, so therefore, I will save money on her!

A little story about Jackson so that you can understand WHY we are constantly moving up in the size department! We were at Target checkout counter on Tuesday, when suddenly Jackson starts gripping him stomach and telling me it hurts with HUGE crocodile tears streaming down his face. I in turn thinks that he needs to poop, so I ask him if he wants to go to the bathroom. He says no, so we go to the car, I tell him to get in the car and he is limp hanging on the side of the car telling me he can't because his stomach hurts to bad. So, he decides now that he needs to poop, so we go back in, the three of us (Tyler, Jackson and I) cram into the handicap stall to see if he can go poop, NOPE, just more tears. We are driving home with the whining and crying, when I pull into Wendy's, on the off chance that we are making a trip to the ER, I need something for Tyler to eat, so I order some chicken nuggets and fries. Jackson consumed 4 chicken nuggets in like 20 seconds, fries, some goldfish when we got home, more chicken nuggets, milk, etc, etc, etc. He was hungry, and you would have thought that his appendix was bursting. The next morning, before we went to school, I made sure to feed him a Ham, Egg, Cheese Pocket AND AJ's Cinnamon Muffin because I didn't want any phone calls asking me to come pick him up because of his stomach hurting. We discussed how next time he feels that way, he needs to tell me that he is hungry, use his words and ask for a little snack or something. DRAMA!

Tyler, did not cry at school yesterday, YAY! They said she did great! Looks like things are on the up and up! It was Pizza Day, so she ate TWO pieces of pizza, grapes and cookies. Maybe I should feed my kids some more! LOL!


Laurie said...

Adia does the exact same thing! She calls them tummy hungers. She seriously doubles over in pain if she goes too long without food. Load him up on the protien in the AM to get him through till lunch.

AND BTW - YOU'RE OLD TOO! And you smell bad! So there.

It's a trade of isn't it?...Would you rather be 35 and have all your kids in school or be in your 20s and have them all at home?! Hmm, I'm thinking my thirties may be pretty great! ha ha

Laurie said...

I meant to type 'trade off' - i hate typos

Colleen said...

I have BIG, BIG plans for my thirties! I do not regret having kids young at all! I can't imagine doing this in my thirties or forties, LOL!

Any news on baby number 4?????

Laurie said...

Yeah right, baby number 4 will just have to wait until baby number three stops crying for like 2 seconds so i can obtain a little sanity.

Colleen said...

OMG-I was KIDDING! What is with these demanding younger children, I thought they were supposed to be so go with the flow and easy!!!!