Thursday, September 18, 2008

"ROAR, Donkadoor!"

This morning in my haste, I was running around getting things ready for school, when Jackson asked me if he could be the Dinosaur from Toy Story when he gets older, I didn't hear him, so I said no, I just assumed that he was freaking asking to play his Leapster again-HORRIBLE PARENT, I know, but I admit it! He spins around and says, "Well, my teacher told me that I could!" I was like, "Your teacher told you that you could what!" To which he repeats that he wants to be the dinosaur from Toy Story-his FAVORITE movie, although he likes 2 better than the original, and then he started practicing his roar! I just LOVE that there are teachers out there that are encouraging the imagination of one three year old boy! I told them this story this morning, and they were like, "Well, he could definitely be in the movies one day!" LOVE THEM!

"ROAR,Donkadoor" is how Tyler says, "Roar, Dinosaur"! The girl loves dinosaurs as much as Jackson! I don't know how she would feel if Jackson got the new Fisher Price remote control dinosaur, but she likes them on TV, and she practices her roaring right along with him!


K to the M said...

LMAO at Donkadoor!! OMG! Does it kill Jackson that she doesn't say it right? I love those kids!!