Monday, October 13, 2008

Gotta Love the Weekend!

Jackson and Tyler went to grandma's house this weekend so that Pat could recover from the minor procedure he had done on Friday! I didn't have anything done, so my house should be SOOOOOO CLEAN, but unfortunately, it is a really large mess, and I don't see anything being done about that in the near future because I have a Board Meeting tomorrow, and I am busy typing up minutes and agendas! This was Jackson's weekend to have Sassy. Sassy is their classroom dog that comes with a journal in which you write about the weekend and include pictures of what the child did with Sassy at home. VERY FUN! Sassy went to grandma's house, Peter Piper Pizza and Schnepf Farms! She had a very busy weekend. The pictures did not turn out so great because it was windy and sunny, and trying to get a picture of the two of them, let alone the four of us, is RIDICULOUS!!!!!! We are lucky enough to be enjoying the beautiful Fall weather, let's just hope it sticks around!!


Karen said...

It looks like they had such a fun time at Schnepf Farms. I love the cooler weather, too ... it actually feels like fall.