Monday, October 27, 2008

Rylee Rose is Showered!

This weekend, Rylee Rose was showered with gifts and love. We had a little shower for her and she got a WHOLE LOT OF PINK!!! I have to admit that bringing Tyler's pink rocker out into the living room and stacking all the gifts around it was such a good idea. I didn't take one gift, people knew where they went, and it was a fool proof way to eliminate some work on my part, so I advise a designated seat for the guest of honor if you are ever hosting one of these events.

The cake was made by a friend of my grandma. We kind of stuck with a pink and brown theme,so she did a really nice job. Everyone said that the cake was amazing, and when Pat tasted it, he was in love!

I was also fortunate to get to spend some time with Karissa this weekend. Being around her for even such a short period of time makes me realize how much I miss her. Jackson just LOVED Leila. He was also a great friend to Malakai and did a super job sharing his toys. I would love to be able to see these kiddos grow up together! It did confirm that my kids are definitely ready for Rylee Rose to arrive. They are great helpers, following Karissa around picking up toys that Leila dropped, bringing her a bottle or pacifier if Leila was crying, and overall, just really loving her!


Thomson Family said...

Rylee Rose was deinitely showered with pink! She has WAY too many things. Thanks for an amazing shower and being an AWESOME sister!