Sunday, February 14, 2010


Having a very low key day here, some fun mixed in with chores, but we took some time out to decorate some cookies today, and I would have to say these are the best looking heart shaped cookies in town. I was impressed with the kid's creativity and ability to share. We utilized A LOT of the Valentine's Day candy we were given, which makes mommy happy because it is GONE from the house when Daddy takes the leftovers to work in the morning!

See if you can guess who decorated each set!

Blogger is not agreeing with me these days, but here are some sideways pictures of the cookies, even though they are right to me, ARGH!

Happy Valentine's Day to all my loyal readers. . .I LOVE YOU!


the swope family said...

My guess: Colleen, Tyler, Jackson, Pat.

Happy V-day to you guys too!!

Colleen said...

YOU ROCK!!!!! Good job!

Carrie said...

Now that was the sweetest thing I've seen all day!!!
Love you!