Thursday, February 25, 2010

We Wish Her Well-ME THAT IS!

Tyler is such a crack up these days. The things that come out of her mouth just amaze me! Some good, some not so good, but we can't be parent of the year every day! What does make me smile is that when I am down on my luck or feeling sick, she turns on the "mother" charm, and it gives me a glimmer of hope that I am doing something right since she knows how to care! Now, if she could just get her license so that she could drive to the store and pick me up some soup.

I am NOT feeling well today, not much of a voice, and just stuffy, run down and overwhelmed. I KNEW it was coming. I woke up with that feeling in my throat Tuesday, but I knew, just knew I had to go out. Who stays home sick on their 30th birthday?? So, I pushed through the day and tried to ignore it, but after "bar hopping" on Tuesday night, the car ride home began the downward spiral. I came home, crawled into bed, and before I knew it, I awoke with a throat on FIRE and a very feverish body!

Why is "bar hopping" in quotes you may wonder? A few friends and I went to check out City North on Tuesday night. I had sampled some martinis from Blue Martini at Phoenix Cooks last year and LOVED them, so we started there for Happy Hour-it didn't disappoint! If you follow me on facebook, you have seen the picture of the pomegranate martini-TO DIE FOR! Then, we headed over to 25 degrees, one of the top 5 hamburgers I have ever had because it came with arugula and TWO cheeses which almost made it taste like there was mayo on it. Finally, we went to Ocean Prime for dessert, BEST Creme Brulee EVER! You get a BUTT LOAD of it too, not just a skimpy little dish! HOLLA! We also had a Bubbles and Berries martini, but honestly, I would save my money and head down to Blue Martini for a cheaper YUMMIER martini! SO, the definition of "bar hopping" has changed MUCH from 20-30, but it was a delightful evening, and my idea of perfect!

Tyler had her Daddy Breakfast, and unfortunately he didn't get a picture of them together, and I was too sick to offer to do so, but he did get a picture of her putting on the performance-I AM SO DISAPPOINTED in her lack of cute outfit, but again, the sickness! Also disappointed to say that I wasn't even hungover, that kind of sickness would have been tolerated the morning after "bar hopping"! I know the picture is a little blurry, but I liked it the best!!

Whenever someone is sick at Tyler's school, the teachers say, "We wish he/she well!" So now if Tyler coughs or someone is sick, we say, "We wish them well!" Just a little background in case you are wondering about the title of this blog!


Short and Sweet said...

I'm so sorry that you aren't feeling well. I'm sorry, too, that I missed your birthday...I would have emailed a card but all I had on hand were relative-specific (daughter, niece, nephew and so on).
I've been quite cranky lately because I had surgery for a torn meniscus and I'm still in a lot of pain. I don't do well with chronic pain! My doctor changed my meds yesterday and I'm feeling better because the inflammation is going down.
I do wish you well and I also wish you a belated birthday.