Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. We are under contract on a house. Way too much to think about. I am not FASCINATED by the whole house concept, but it will be nice to have somewhere to call my own that I don't have to worry about leaving or getting kicked out of. I wish I had a decorating gene in my body, but I walk into Jaclyn's house and wonder how she came up with this or that, she is so talented! I need an interior decorator! STAT!

2. Organizing my children's schedule is a full time job. Add in any family plans we might have, and I am pretty dang sure I need a full time assistant!

3. We are going to spend A LOT of time in the pool this month because most of the kid's toys are packed, and they are a bundle of energy the sun and water tire them out nicely, and then when we come back inside and throw them in front of a movie, I don't feel so bad!

4. Meatless Monday is starting to be a REAL DRAG, especially when it falls on a Holiday!

5. I think I need to eat a steak or something. I am so tired all of the time. I took two naps yesterday, went to bed at 9:30, and some how I still woke up tired.

6. Tyler is getting better about moving, she was having a REALLY hard time for awhile. She still has her moments where I think it all just doesn't make sense in her head, but we are working on it.

7. My grocery store bill is going to sky rocket now that the kids are home for the summer, they can really throw down!

8. Drew got a heart. You can continue to follow the journey HERE!

9. I often eat lunch for breakfast and breakfast for lunch.

10. Dropped Jackson off at his Summer School this morning, and I had to laugh because I am so clearly a dork because all the parents of the other "gifted" children were complete and total dorks, and that's so judgmental, I KNOW, so I decided that I couldn't possibly be the only "cool" parent there, so I have accepted the fact that I am a dork. I would rather be a dork than the possessed parent in the parking lot SCREAMING at her child that she was going to give him a spanking. I turned to Jackson and Tyler and quietly said, "Isn't it like 7:30 AM, why is this person already screaming?" GOOD TIMES AT THE SUMMER SCHOOL DROP OFF!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Prayers Please

It's things like this that remind us all of what is important. Pat's office manager at his old law firm has a darling little boy, Drew, that is in desperate need of your prayers. You can follow along with their journey. . .here! Some of you may know her as Boedie's Boys, if you played Fantasy Football with us.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. EIGHT YEARS! The only man I can say I truly trust with my heart (other than my grandpa because I know he would do anything for me)! I don't have a lot of faith in men, but this one is a keeper! Happy Anniversary, Patrick!

2. I would love to write a book. I don't know what I would write about (LIE: Why I Don't Leave the House would be the title, and I would write about all the crazy things I have encountered since becoming the wife of an attorney.)

3. Pat worked until 10 last night, BOO! I slept through him coming home, heating up dinner, etc. That scares me, and that's why I don't really like to be asleep when the kids are here. I could sleep through it, or I could wake up every five minutes, it is TERRIBLE!

4. I am having lunch with a friend tomorrow, and I cannot WAIT!!! It has been a really long time since I had lunch with a friend.

5. I am trying not to eat as much cheese because I don't think my stomach can tolerate it. I do really well, and then I totally fail!

6. Pat and Paul went and fixed my grandparent's roof on Saturday morning. Pat nor Paul know anything about fixing a roof, but they got it done. AND THEN, while they were doing it, the neighbor asked if they would come over and look at her roof. I think they could start up a side business.

7. My little Calli Rose Parise graduated from high school this weekend. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE!? She was six months old when I started watching her, and she would cry her little eyes out the entire time her mom was gone. I don't know why I went back. It was torture, but I credit her with allowing me the luxury of having my kids cry it out! It doesn't phase me because she would cry no matter what!

8. Both my kids went to their first "drop off" birthday party this weekend, and it was luxuriouis and stressful at the same time. I hoped and prayed that they were given the tools needed to be polite and wonderful in that situation, and I loved the peace and quiet I was able to have while enjoying Calli's grad party (though Pat and I both scarfed our food down like the kids were still there!)!

9. I hate James Frey on Oprah. I don't like him. Having him on for TWO hours is ridiculous. Unless of course, he wants to publish my novel, then I will love him!

10. At what point would it be beneficial to have Tyler start watching 16 and Pregnant. It never ends well, and it is a horrible situation for EVERYONE, and I want her to realize just how CRAPPY it would be!!!! FOR EVERYONE INVOLVED!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. I have started a million and one posts, and they are all me complaining about how we have to move AGAIN! I don't feel anyone wants to listen to that, so I tweet about it and get my frustrations out that way!

2. I would really like to just move into a resort for the summer while Pat and I find a house to buy, but I am afraid my bill at the pool with the pool boys would be excessive.

3. When my dad found out we had to move and didn't have anywhere to go, he said that we could live in his RV on his driveway, as long as we emptied the sewer container. There are so many things wrong with this but mainly, he has like a 3000 square foot house, why can't we sleep in the house and use the bathroom.

4. My mom's friends from Brophy keep delivering boxes to my doorstep. It is so kind and heartwarming.

5. I am so excited for The Good Wife tonight.

6. Jackson's Celebration of Learning is tonight. I have to miss it because Tyler isn't feeling well. Such is life as the parent of two munchkins.

7. We went to Tucson two weekends ago, and I didn't take a single picture. We ate at Eegee's twice. We also ate at El Charro Cafe which was AMAZING! I highly recommend it.

8. I am making Eggs Benedict for my grandma's birthday this weekend, I cannot stop thinking about them. I love that Tyler loves them as much as I do.

9. I made mini meat loaves for dinner this morning when kids were at school. Now, I don't really feel like meat loaf, and I have to lie to the kids and say they are meat balls because otherwise they won't eat them, it is just a whole ordeal, and I am not in the mood for it now!

10. In the end, it doesn't matter where we end up, as long as we are together, memories can be made and magic will happen. We've made the right decisions so far when it comes to the whole entire housing situation, and I hope that we make another good one.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Family Friday

Focusing on what's important!