Friday, November 4, 2011

Fabulous Friday

OK, here it is, the long awaited blog post. . .sometimes after it has been so long since my last post, I get overwhelmed and keep putting it off, but today, blogging is on my to do list.

1. Tyler is now FIVE! How is she five?? You know that car commercial, where the little girl is in the driver's seat, and she is talking to her dad, and when they flashback it is actually a teenage girl sitting in the driver's seat. Something about Tyler makes me think I will feel this way about her forever! She is such a tiny little thing, and she DESPERATELY wants to be big, but she will always be my baby!

2. We had a little surprise party for Tyler the day before her birthday. She loved it, she was shocked. She kept coming over, giving me hugs and kisses and telling me she loved me! MELT MY HEART!

3. Jackson and Tyler LOVE Halloween. I guess what kid doesn't, but they LOVE IT! We had a little potluck with the neighbors. It was interesting to say the least. I missed our annual potluck with people I have more in common with, but we couldn't be the people on the street that didn't go, AND our house just isn't anywhere near ready for a lot of people or kids to be over! Jackson was Spiderman (thank you half off at the Disney store a week before Halloween-JACKPOT!) and Tyler was whatever the Barbie's name is in Barbie Princess Charm School, and since I don't know her name, I just called her Barbie Princess Charm School.

4. About a week ago, Pat received a LARGE envelope in the mail from Pepperdine Law School. I think I had a momentary panic attack when I saw it. I am VERY familiar with such envelopes, and knew exactly what it was. I tore into it and saw a letter that said, "Dear Mr. Howell, Thank you for your interest in our law program!" My heart damn near stopped. I was like, not only is a law school sending him something- HE REQUESTED IT! I was for certain in was for a doctorate in law, that doesn't even make sense, but there is such a thing. I don't know what to call it, since technically attorneys are doctors, but whatever, it is the next level. I was like, NO WAY IN FREAKING HELL am I surviving through that. And where are we getting the money to move to CALIFORNIA, please dream come true, but does he have an off shore bank account I don't know about. Anyway, turns out all these thoughts were for nothing, Pepperdine offers a one week seminar on becoming a mediator, which Pat would like to be, blah blah blah-I am a drama queen!

5. Jackson has been playing basketball and LOVING IT! It is fun to see how much the kids have improved throughout the season. This Saturday is his last game. While I think watching the games is fun and what not. I will be very happy to have my Saturdays back. Especially now that the weather is nicer, and we can hit up the North Central Farmers' Market! I am obsessed with finding random things and coming home to see what I can find to make with it. THANK YOU PINTEREST!

6. "Pinterest: where a person never has to have an original idea again in their life!" That's my motto for it!

7. Thanksgiving is coming up-it is my favorite holiday! It won't be when my grandparents die, and I have to cook!

8. Went to Z'Tejas 20th Anniversary Party last night-it was lots of fun, but I didn't get home until like 10, and then after talking with Pat for awhile, I couldn't wind down until almost 1. Needless to say I am really tired today!

9. Andrea and I are to make a balloon arch tomorrow morning for the preschool Fun Run. I have to be there at 7:30-it is supposed to be cold, and neither of us have ever made a balloon arch. How do I get myself into these things??? I have gotten so much better at saying no, but somehow. . .STILL A SUCKER!

10. OK seriously, Justin Bieber fathering a child! I still can't even imagine he has the parts needed to father a child, he looks EIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's all I am going to say about that.


Laurie said...

Love number 10. You crack me up!