Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ten on Tuesday!

1. Tyler's very last Fun Run was last weekend. She had a blast. She was super excited that Rylee was able to participate in a different division. They have so much fun together, and I am so happy they are growing up to be such great friends.

2. I attempted to take some candid shots of Jackson this morning before he went to school: (1) because I don't want to take the time or money to go see a professional photographer (2) because I have social anxiety and these types of experiences make me sweat (3) because I am lazy and try not to leave the house if at all possible. When you see the photos I took of him below, you will see (1) the time and money may be worth it (2) why I end up sweating because I have to perform circus tricks to get him not to smile like The Joker (3) I would rather stay home and drink wine.

3. What do you guys do if you have a neighbor that has crossed the line? I know I have to live next to them for at least the next ten years, so I can't totally go off on them, but I have to say something (I struggle with this middle ground-I either love everyone or hate them, need to work on my middle ground tolerance). You know how I hate when people ring my doorbell or knock on my door. The fear of that occuring has now multiplied by ten. All I want for Christmas is a security door and my doorbell disconnected.

4. I got Jackson signed up for a soccer team. He is soooooooooo excited. I am hoping that Tyler will play t-ball again this Spring, which will make for an incredibly busy sports season.

5. I am seriously struggling to get past number 4, I feel now that things have settled down for a hot moment, I don't do anything but laundry and dishes while the kids are at school, and nothing really exciting happens each and every day.

6. Jackson's class is going on a Field Trip. There isn't a lot of space, so you had to turn your name in if you wanted to go. I didn't want to go, but I figured I would turn my paper in, not get selected, but Jackson would still believe I wanted to go. UM...what would you know-I got selected. Jackson is super excited, but I struggle being around children I don't have an authority over. When I taught, it was MY CLASS, MY RULES, MY WHATEVER. When I am with my kids, it is the same thing. I can discipline them as I see fit, and for the most part they listen. The kids that go on these Field Trips have a tendency to be ape shit bonkers, and if they don't listen, what am I going to say, "Stop It Right Now, or I am going to tell the teacher!?" I sound like a first grader myself!

7. Made Baked Ziti for dinner tonight, and it is so nice to get it done while the kids are at school. Then, I can answer the first question they both ask when I pick them up, "What's for Dinner?"

8. This is usually followed by cheers or groans.

9. This has taken me over an hour to write because I keep thinking of something, googling it, and finding myself on a different website!

10. Anyone else OBSESSED with Revenge!? Best new show on television for sure!


Short and Sweet said...

I LOVE Revenge!!! I look forward to it every week!

Brad said...

Jac and I LOVE Revenge!