Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

I haven't done one of these in a million and one years!

1. I have so much nervous energy inside of me right now, I have hung up all my clothes, gave myself a manicure (even though I have no nails-I really want to stop biting them), groomed my eyebrows, watched  The Bachelor from last night, and did a load of laundry!

2. I got some new knives for Christmas, and they make me SO HAPPY!  I chop and chop and chop, and I love every minute of it!  My kids laugh at me because I am always smiling when I am chopping.  Sometimes I pretend I am on a cooking show, but I don't last very long because I start laughing.  I don't know how all the Food Network Stars do it, I have absolutely nothing to say about the food I am cooking, and when I try to tell a story about food, it sounds ridiculous!

3. JT's new song isn't my favorite, but it will grow on me because everything he does is magic!

4. I REALLY like The Bachelor, Sean.  I think he is BEAUTIFUL.  I think he is so sweet, and I hope he lives up to all the expectations I have in my head for him this season!

5. One of my new favorite shows this year is Catfish on MTV.  They follow someone finally meeting face to face with someone they met online and document the whole thing.  Since I got married way before the whole Internet dating phenomenon, it is fascinating for me to watch this show.  I wonder if I would be so naive!?

6. I also missed out on the whole craze of announcing pregnancies, engagements, birth, weddings, etc on facebook.  I mean my kids are cute, but they are 6 and 8.  I "like" a lot more pictures of babies than I do of elementary school aged children.

7. My goal is to lose ten pounds before I color my hair.  I am working really hard at completing this goal because OMG, my roots are grown out almost 2 inches.

8. Every time I do a load of laundry, I have to run each load through the dryer twice.  It is really a pain in my butt, but I don't think a new dryer is in my future anytime soon!

9. iPhone games and applications are SOOOOOOOOO ADDICTING!

10.  Karen Parise, the lady I babysat for growing up, made this amazing Shrimp Oregano.  However, she weighs all of 50 pounds soaking wet, so it is alright for her to chow down on a stick of butter for dinner.  I found a "lighter" version and made it for dinner last night!  It was DELICIOUS!