Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Fun in the Sun

Summer is most definitely here, it is hot and hotter each and every day! Along with summer brings the realization that Jackson and Tyler are growing up before my very eyes. When Jackson started school, way back in September, Tyler couldn't walk or run up and down the hallways, she didn't have many teeth, she was just barely developing her own personality, and she most DEFINITELY did not know about fruit snacks. Jackson was definitely as chatty then as he is now, but not nearly as defiant, strong-willed or in love!

We have been spending a ton of time outside in the pool. Jackson is fearless, while Tyler sheds fewer tears each time we take a trip outside. I don't think she will be the fish that Jackson is, but she will find her own talent soon enough. This weekend, we had a family gathering, and "we" deep-fried a turkey. By "we", I mean my dad, and it turned out AMAZING! The meat was so moist and juicy. It looked like a really hot process, so I am thankful that I was working on my tan in the pool vs. cooking.
Tyler is obsessed with two things: Ellie (pink elephant) and dressing herself. Jackson still cannot put his own clothes on, but far be it for anyone to help Tyler get ready, must be a girl thing. While she has not mastered this task, it is quite amazing to see what such a tiny, little thing can do. Ellie comes with us everywhere, sits at the door to watch her "swim", and is loved to death while going to sleep. Just recently, the kids were watching a movie and Tyler moved one of the chairs from the playroom just so that Ellie would have somewhere to sit.
The kids both started summer camp today, so I had four hours ALL TO MYSELF. I went to the library, the mall, lunch with Pat and to pick up my new green phone. While I love my little munchkins to death, I have to admit that this time alone was rejuvenating. Off to be Super Mom again!!


Karen said...

That sounds like a lot of fun. Where did you find a "camp" for Tyler's age group? I'm thinking of enrolling Brandt in a little preschool for two days a week, but he won't be old enough to start until the fall '09 year.

Colleen said...

"Camp" is at one of my friend's house. She started it because she knew there was a need for it, so she goes there, does some activities, plays and gives me a BREAK!!! I didn't start Jackson in preschool until he was 2.5, but Tyler needed time to play with friends her own age, so it is PERFECT!