Friday, October 2, 2009


Tyler does NOT know how to use the word "because", but something about the word SHE LOVES!!!! She knows there should be a cause and an effect, but she just can't get it right. Her misuse of the word makes me smile all day long. It is not at ALL annoying, like Jackson mispronunciation of the word does, pronounced "dewes", TOTALLY eats away at me.

Tyler will say things like, "I want breakfast because I want breakfast!" To some, maybe that's an appropriate use, to me, it just a reason to smile. She will say, "I want my doll with me because I am watching tv!" HELLO, the two aren't even related. "I want to stay home with you because I just want to stay home with you, and I LOVE YOU!" REALLY CUTE, but total misuse, there is no way the chica is staying home from school, she is exhausting me these days!


Carrie said...

that's a great mommy story!