Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. I am now going to see a neurologist in a few weeks, maybe they will figure out the problem, but I am not holding my breath, TRUST ME!

2. We went to the State Fair this weekend to see Dora, we never saw Dora, but we did end up with about a million and one stuffed animals because if you head all the way to the back of the fair, EVERYONE WINS or WIN EVERY TIME, so even Tyler made out with quite the loot. Thanks Meg and Jim for a great morning.

3. Jackson had an enlarged lymph node, went to Urgent Care a few weeks ago, and they said it would go away, it didn't, it got bigger, so I took him to the pediatrician, she said that the lymph node was fine, but that he had a sinus infection, he started his antibiotics, and 3 doses later, the lymph node was no longer enlarged, in fact Pat and I couldn't even find it! Obviously it was infected, but two doctors told me no! Why do I even waste my MONEY!???

4. I bought two HUGE pumpkins at Fry's! I have put off buying them because I HATE CARVING THEM, and I carve them EVERY YEAR because Pat is never here! BLAH!

5. Pat's car battery died on Sunday. This was the end of the world to me. He took it into the dealership and they recharged it. Apparently the end of the world will be when it dies again because they didn't just put a new one in! STUPID CAR DEALERS!

6. I LOVE holiday/special cartoons during the holidays. The Great Pumpkin is tonight and a new Monsters vs Aliens special airs on Wednesday!! HOORAY!

7. What do I want for Christmas this year-that is the question my kids ask me all of the time! In this economy, we are so blessed, honestly, but I would like a house to call my own, mainly so that I can buy one of the super cute address stamps that I always see at Write Ons, and I would like a suburban. I would also like for my back to stop hurting all of the time, and I would like for my medical bills to decrease by 90% next year!!!! I am not sure that I can unwrap any of these things, but these are my desires!

8. I would also like for Tyler to stop sucking her DAMN SWINE FLU FINGERS! Blah, it never used to bother me, it grosses me out now!

9. I have a really stressful week this week, what do you all do to cope with having a stressful week?

10. I don't know if you have heard of the Halloween Witch, but if you leave your candy out for her Halloween night, the candy disappears, and it is replaced by a toy. Great way to get the candy out of the hands of little kiddos!


Karissa said...

Good luck at the neurologist!

I'm so glad to hear Jackson is okay! Even though the Dr's screwed it up, thank goodness it was "just" an infection!

Can't wait to see your amazing pumkin skills this year!

What a shocker! We have the exact same Christmas list ;)

How do I cope with a stressful week? Good question! Usually, Josh and I have a night out. No where exciting, just a casual bar, where I don't have to dress up, and we have some drinks and talk and laugh about everything that is going good (instead of faulty) in our lives. I also scrapbook!!

XOXO ~ I love you!!