Friday, October 23, 2009

Sequin Spotlight

Walking around the mall today, I saw this purse (BUT BLACK SEQUINS INSTEAD OF SILVER, just couldn't find big enough picture of it), and I immediately fell in love! Jackson told me to buy it, I told him I would have to ask Santa, he told me that he would tell Santa for me! Sweet thing, if only Santa believe in spending over $400 on a sequin purse. The salesgirl told me they only had TWO, Santa almost bought it on the spot! I LOVE IT! Even the name Sequin Spotlight is fun!

Santa knows that Mommy doesn't need another black purse! I wonder if it comes in brown because I really need a brown one!


the swope family said...

You CRACK me up!

Sarah McK said...

I like the silver one! Although I have NEVER had Santa bring me a gift like that! :) Maybe someday... I like your Halloween witch idea!