Friday, June 4, 2010

Freaky Friday

1. Jackson is sick. He was throwing up all night. For me, it is bittersweet, Jackson has dealt with SOOOOOOOOOO much throw up in his short life, and it breaks my heart when I see him throwing up. BUT, at the same time, I am thankful he is the one throwing up because he knows how to do it so well, and it usually involves very little mess. Poor thing!

2. Don't think for a second that I haven't already blamed this illness on the fact that we went to the McDonald's play area yesterday! I HATE the McDonald's play area, but I was trying to think about what I would want to do if I was a kid and it was one hundred degrees!

3. I am COMPLETELY dumbfounded by people who get worked up about things on a blog. I am not kidding when I say the other day, there was a bunch of people debating whether or not people should have trampolines. REALLY, you have NOTHING BETTER TO DO than debate about whether or not SOMEONE ELSE should have a trampoline in their backyard. I just soooooooooo don't care enough about other people's lives to ever comment on these things. AND, I kind of think, "JUST DON'T READ THE BLOG IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT!" I don't write my blog to satisfy anyone else, I don't care if you agree with me, and I don't want you to always agree with me. Sure, leave comments and message me if you have a difference of opinion as several people have when I wrote about The Farm on Mother's Day! BUT, when commenting, I really wish people would stop thinking that they were going to change the other person's mind. Do you really think your comment is going to change years of feeling one way or another? I didn't like The Farm, I wouldn't go back, I didn't have a good experience, but I gave my reasons, and unless they start serving Diet Coke or Mimosas, Egg Benedict and get rid of the flies, it is not the place for me. . . BUT, I am happy these people enjoy it, and I hear great things about it from LOTS of people.

4. I HATE THE LAKERS, but I love Phil Jackson.

5. When Betty White dies, I feel there should be some sort of Golden Girls memorial opened up somewhere. I was so sad to hear about Rue McClanahan passing. Karissa and I used to spend hours watching The Golden Girls in college! We were SOOOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME!

6. The Shrek glasses at McDonald's have been recalled, and if you have them, you are to return them to the store and stop drinking out of them immediately. Some toxic chemical in the paint! REALLY!!! Why is toxic paint still in existence!???


Karissa said...

Amen sista!

Are these the recent Shrek glasses (which I didn't even know were out) or ones from the last movie?

Love Golden Girls!! Good 30 minute sitcoms are so hard to come by now a days. Except for Modern Family of course!!

Give Jackson lots of hugs and kisses from his STL family!

Love you guys!

Colleen said...

RECENT SHREK GLASSES, didn't buy any because my kids are not responsible enough to use a glass!

MISS YOU! Was thinking the two of us need to go to NYC!