Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. First family pool party this afternoon!

2. I am DESPERATELY trying NOT to use the oven this summer, but it is so difficult to go from cooking my prepared frozen meals in the oven to cooking fresh. I feel like I am constantly going to the grocery store.

3. The oil leak GUSH is killing me. When they talk about the amount of money being spent on it or show pictures of once gorgeous beaches, it makes me sick to my stomach!

4. I SLICED my finger open yesterday cutting an onion. It totally hurts, and all I can think is "ROOKIE MOVE"! Do you think The Pioneer Woman still slices her finger open, or Bobby Flay? Probably not because they probably tuck their fingers under, LIKE YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO!

5. I think you are born a bully or not! There are these little girls in Tyler's class that terrorize her! SO ANNOYING!

6. I bought a bathing suit, I don't like it, but at least it doesnt come down to a V making me feel like I am exposing my lady parts to the world.

7. Pat still has the bathing suit he had when I first met him, now he has several variations in color, but SAME SIZE, he is OBNOXIOUS!

8. My garbage disposal STINKS! How much is it to replace the whole freaking thing. It is ruining my life!

9. I am about 15 times more tired at the end of the day in the summer than I am in the winter. It is so hot, I feel like my body is working overtime to try and stay cool.

10. Jackson needs another hair cut, but I still get very apprehensive when taking him to get his hair cut, so I put it off as long as possible!


Katie Thomson said...

Can't wait for the first pool party! :o)
Amen about the oven! We should all find 5 recipes and do a recipe swap instead of the meal swap! :o)

Karissa said...

How the heck did you learn to draw a line through "leak" on number 3?! I have been trying to figure that out forever!!

I bet even the best of them slice their fingers :)

Not very expensive at all to replace a garbage disposal...the question is, can Pat do it? J did it but it too WEEKS because he kept getting the "wrong" part.

Miss you! Have fun at the pool party!!


Colleen said...

@Karissa WHERE I LEARN EVERYTHING-google!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the swope family said...

Can't believe there are "bullies" in Tyler's class. Can't they be innocent for just a bit longer??

Laurie said...

oooo I hate bullies! and yes they crop up so early! They have made Adia's life terrible on several occasions. She even had a girl push her on the playground this year! Girl drama...it sucks.