Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. "Can one leave late enough? Early? Nobody is sick about being imaginative, that creates hestitation." You may be thinking-WHAT!? I went to prom with an editor of some sort of the school newspaper. I should have known it was a bad idea when we had to go on a "pre-date" to get to know one another (Might be why I hate Bamboo Club to this day!) before actual prom. I really thought we were going as friends. Soon after the ridiculous night where he followed me around, and I was hanging out with my friends (I could have been a little nicer I guess!), the school newspaper came out, and he had written an article about prom in it. The "paragraph" above was the opening of said article. It spells out, Colleen is a b***h! I will say many years later that I wasn't the nicest of girls that night, but I don't think I was awful, I just think that we were not on the same wavelength, and that he wanted more than I did. I was very young and naive back then. I don't know who he told, but he told someone what the first sentence meant, someone told someone else, and pretty soon it made it all the way back to me! It wasn't the worst thing that has happened in my life, but at the time-OMG! The drama! I was 17 and this was circulating at an all boys school. I thought for sure my life was over!!! I somehow survived :-), but the pictures didn't! I burned all the prom pictures on my parents BBQ!

2. We went to Chompie's this weekend so that the kids could have a Suns bagel. It was flourescent Purple and Orange. Unfortunately it didn't bring the Suns any luck, but the kids were soooooo excited by it! I have to say right now that their bagels ROCK! Crisp and crunchy on the outside, soft and wonderful on the inside, and by far the BEST Everything Bagel I have had in a while (I went with every intent of having one of the Suns bagels, but I couldn't eat it when I saw how bright it was)! I know it isn't the best picture, but hopefully you can see the swirled purple and orange!

3. I am going on a Pioneer Woman diet. What does this mean? Well instead of making something out of her cookbook almost every day, I might do it once a week! How does she eat like she does and look so wonderful!!

4. WOW! The story about AZ Bishop on the Today Show for excommunicating nun after she approved an abortion at St Joseph's hospital to save mother's life. (I TOTALLY TRY TO STAY AWAY FROM TOPICS LIKE THIS ON MY BLOG, but apparently it has gone national, and that's what impressed me about it. Not interested in debating whether or not the abortion should have been performed.)

5. Summer camp cannot start soon enough!

6. I walked out to see Tyler had created her own little place to watch cartoons-SO CUTE!

7. Of course when she saw me taking a picture, she had to get up and talk to me, so I made her try on her new hat so I could snap a pic!

8. Last week I spoke of Tyler splitting her lip open, when in all actuality, that's not what happened at all! She has always had an attached upper lip frenulum (The upper lip frenulum is located under the top lip, in the center, and attaches the lip to the upper gums. In some infants, it is attached further down the gums. If your thumb and your finger in your mouth and reach up to the inner part of your lip, you can feel the frenulum.) It wasn't terribly noticeable, but it was further down than it really should have been. The doctor said that he was surprised she still had hers attached because most kids just tear them when they hit their mouth! ABRACADABRA-that's what Miss Tyler did last Tuesday! You can see in the above picture how much wider her smile is now, and how it is all healing. She looks like she has big HUGE lips now, but most of it is just healing gums!

9. I love that Tyler will bring me a Diet Coke in bed before I have to get up! Why didn't I get this girl a big girl bed sooner?!

10. Last week we met some friends at the park, I picked up Dunkin' Donuts donut holes for the kids and some iced coffees for the moms. Their iced coffee is the WEIRDEST thing I have ever had. I ordered it with cream and sugar, and it is almost like the sugar and cream never mixed in (DESPITE MUCH MIXING), so one drink would be sugary and sweet, the next drink would be bitter. It was like this to the VERY END!!! Why did I bring donuts to the park? BECAUSE WE WENT AT 8:15 because it is SOOOOOOOOOOO HOT!


Karen said...

1. That story is hilarious!
2. I LOVE Chompies bagels - I wish they had a restaurant here.
4. Wow, I'll have to read that article ... I'm very interested now.

Karen said...

Ok, I just read the article and I know you posted about not wanting a debate about whether or not the abortion was justified, but I find it completely ABSURD that this nun was excommunicated for saving a woman's life. What about the priests that rape & sexually abuse children??! GAH! And this Sunday I will be baptizing my daughter Catholic ... against my better judgment but I won't win this battle with my husband.

Short and Sweet said...

Hmmm,I had a Catholic education from K-12 and I was always taught that the Catholic church would sanction an abortion for 3 reasons only:
1. rape
2. incest
3. the mother's life was in jeopardy

Seems like the church changed the rules again!

Allison said...

Max & Cal are "tied" on both their upper frenulums and under their tongues! Max split his top one when he was 15 months...he climbed onto a chair and thought he could fly. So scary because it bled a LOT. Glad she is okay!!