Wednesday, August 25, 2010

How Much?

DO YOU SPEND on a birthday gift for someone in Jackson's class that he met LESS THAN THREE WEEKS AGO????

DO YOU SPEND ON A GOOD FRIEND'S birthday present?

Does it make a difference!? I am struggling! HELP A SISTA OUT!


Karissa said...

Here is my honest answer...I spend 25 dollars on a random classmate and 40-60 on really good friends. Hope that gave you a little insight :). Xoxo

Laurie said...

$10 on a random kid in class
20-25 on good friend

But we'll often try to find something on sale that is a nice gift and worth more than the 10 bucks. One of my favorite gifts for random classmates is a Target. In the watch section they have really cute character watches for like 6.99 and hey it's watch! kids love it! That paired with some candy is one of our "go to" gifts when we don't know what to get them. Just an idea!

For the girl's best friends it is fun to take them out and let them pick out something. I let Adia's best friend do that and she thought I was the coolest mom ever! :o)

Karissa said...

I forgot to mention a couple of my signature would be a potterybarnkids beach towel with their name on it and another would be a superhero cape from

Karen said...

I am a huge fan of clearance stuff, so I always look there first. If it's someone random I would budget $10-15. If it's a good friend I go to $20-25, but if I get lucky with clearance stuff I can get 2 or 3 things for $20 or $25.

Cynthia said...

I'm with Karen - $10-15 for some unknown kid- think about it - this kid will get a ton of presents from family, close friends and classmates, you don't need to go over board. For close friends I go $25-30. what did you decide?