Sunday, August 8, 2010

Laughlin Surprise

Some people would find it odd that we took our kids to Laughlin, but our kids are so interested in the things we do alone, and ask us a ZILLION questions about all our adventures as a couple, that we loaded up the car and headed to Laughlin for the weekend. I had two free nights, and the eating is CHEAP, so it was a great end to the summer! As Jackson said last night, "This is better than Knott's Berry Farm and Disneyland!" UM, and a heck of a lot cheaper too buddy! HONESTLY. . .these kids love just about anything and are GREAT travelers! Here's a video of us surprising the kids when Pat came home from work early on Friday. . .eventually it just switched to Jackson because I don't think Tyler really understood what was going on! I'll have one of her later in the week talking about how she gets to sleep in her princess bed (the highlight of going on trips for her)! I wanted to have them dressed and ready to go, so I told them we were going to Target. That's why I ask them if they are ready to go to Target! SO CUTE!

More pictures to come later!