Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. Here is the video I promised of Tyler talking about getting to sleep in her princess bed! I think it is hysterical that she seriously has NO IDEA where we are going still!

2. Jackson slept on a rollaway! The rollaway overlooked tennis courts, the pool and the river. The two kids would sit on that rollaway FOREVER screaming, "There's a jet ski!", "Look at how fast that boat is!", etc! They LOVED IT!

3. They have quickly learned this is the only way to get Pat out of bed in the morning. . .

4. The arcades in Laughlin were amazing.

5. The breakfast buffet at the hotel was TERRIBLE. Last time, I thought it was amazing! This time, I was beating the crap out of my eggs benedict, wondering why the egg was well done! UGH, nothing irritates me more! Maybe it is because Pat and I make such AMAZING Eggs Benedict, I can't eat them anywhere else now!

6. The dinner buffet did not disappoint. I ate my WEIGHT in prime rib and crab legs. It was amazing. Only thing that bugged me was that I had to pay FULL PRICE for Jackson. There was no kid price, and there is no way he got his money's worth at a prime rib and crab leg buffet!

7. Jackson FINALLY got his strawberry waffle that we had been talking about FOREVER! The amount of whipped cream is RIDICULOUS!

8. I got to eat my Perkins potato pancakes!

9. This picture was taken as we were waiting to load our car. TWO SECONDS LATER, they both had to go to the bathroom! At what age can they start going to the bathroom by themselves? I think changing diapers was easier :-)!

10. People may think we are NUTS for taking our kids to Laughlin, but they have so many things for kids to do on a short weekend. I wouldn't recommend going for any length of time, but according to Jackson, "It is better than Disneyland and Knott's Berry Farm!" So, it couldn't have been very bad!


Karen said...

1. So CUTE!

Looks like you had an all-around good time. But I'm not so sure Laughlin is better than Disneyland and Knott's Berry Farm.

Clearly you are too obsessed with reality TV, Colleen ... geez.

Karissa said...

What a fun weekend!! I wish we had more places that we could just go to for a weekend! Pretty much just Chicago (which is EXPENSIVE) and Branson or the Lake of the Ozarks (which we are headed to this weekend). It's funny how kids pretty much LOVE anywhere they get to stay at a hotel!! Glad you guys had a good time :)


Pain to Purpose said...

I grew up in Bullhead City, across the river from Laughlin so I totally get how much fun it can be for a kid! My grandparents used to visit and stay at the Riverside and we thought swimming in the pool was the best thing ever. I'm glad you got in one more mini vacation before school starts! yay!