Monday, October 25, 2010

Gallo Blanco

A GEM! A true gem right in the middle of the business district on Central! Just a little south of Indian School is a street called Clarendon, at Clarendon and 4th Ave, there is a TREAT! The Clarendon Hotel has a restaurant in it that is called Gallo Blanco. If you get Phoenix Magazine, (which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU GET IF YOU LIVE IN PHOENIX-MY FAVORITE), you have stared at the Gallo Blanco tacos since their Best of Phoenix issue came out in early September! The picture is worth ONE THOUSAND WORDS!

So thankful that B Mok Revealed had a picture of the appetizer we started with-ChicharrĂ³n de Queso!

IT WAS AMAZING! The cheese was like the cheese that oozes out of the side of a quesadilla and browns, then they roll it into this tower and serve it with the jalapeno dipping sauce (also known as Aji aioli sauce, but since most of us don't really get a clear picture from that title, I like mine better!)-TO DIE FOR!!!!!!!!!!

Then, we should talk about their ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES. . .we all enjoyed their FABULOUS margaritas, made with fresh fruit juices and fabulous tequila, but what should REALLY be talked about is the sangria with all sorts of fresh fruit cut up and marinated in the delicious concoction!!! YUM!

So I was finally given the chance to taste the tacos! HEAVENLY, and I love their presentation, they just put them in these taco holders, and the table has to remember what they ordered and divide them up! So cute and fun, very sushi like! I tried the carne asada, pork and fresh fish (ahi tuna)! They each had a VERY unique flavor, and I don't think I could pick a favorite. I am disappointed I didn't try the shrimp because my friend Andrea stated it was her favorite, but now it just means I need to go back!

Their green salsa is delicious and the closest thing I have found to my favorite breakfast taco place in San Antonio.

My friend, Tamara, had Ensalada Cortada which was the tossed salad with many ingredients, but the most important being the corn nuts. She gushed about the corn nuts with each and every bite. She said the corn nuts MADE the salad, and in my opinion, corn nuts are a GREAT addition to each and every dish! I LOVE CORN NUTS!

My friend, Shannon, had the Arroz Verde, and when I asked her to review it for me, this is what she had to say:

"The salsa had some kick to it so I don't think I finished all of it. It was
soooooo good balanced with the rice though. People who like a little more spice
than I do would truly enjoy it. Nice side item to go along with all the flavors
of the tacos. Yum!"

She also reviewed the lime tart she and Andrea shared for their birthday:

"The Lime tart was DELICIOUS. It was not too tart and just the right amount of
sweet. The fresh lime taste was so good. The whipped cream on top was homemade
and very light, and the graham crust was not overpowering. A bit different from
the key lime pie that I love so much. Presentation wasn't too exciting - almost
like I had baked it myself at home and plopped a square of it on a plate with a
dollop of whipped cream on top."

BUT WAIT, the review doesn't stop there, we happened to go on a Wednesday night, and the place was PACKED. That's because on Wednesday from 7-9 they have Flamenco dancers come and perform. It was great fun, and the dancers really have a lot of talent.

I know I will definitely need to go back because this place serves breakfast ALL DAY, and in my opinion, breakfast is the best meal of the day! Can't wait for my return trip!


Anonymous said...

What... no mention the the flamenco dancer's facial expressions or his change of shirts or the baby (15 months???) watching the dancing at 9:30p....

Seriously good restaurant with great ambiance.