Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wacky Saturday Fun!

We had sooooooooo much fun yesterday, and it was TOTALLY unexpected fun! Jackson had a BINGO night at his school Friday night, and he didn't go to bed until TEN! So, needless to say, he was EXHAUSTED on Saturday. We had plans to go to Ocktoberfest downtown at Cityscape, but there is no way he would have made it and been pleasant, so we altered our plans and carved/painted pumpkins after a short nap. I had big plans to do a Hannah Montana pumpkin for Tyler, but I was not a fan of any of the patterns, so I chose a Hello Kitty pumpkin instead. Jackson's was a Mario pumpkin all the way! I like to think that Pat and I have MAD pumpkin carving skills, but once you've carved one pumpkin, you can pretty much do anything!

While Pat and I carved, the kids painted their pumpkins!

After all the Halloween fun, Pat and I headed off to the AZ State Fair to see Bret Michaels in concert. You may remember that I developed a little crush on him while he was on Celebrity Apprentice! There is just something so soothing about his talking voice. I had never really heard any of his earlier LOUD HEAVY ROCK MUSIC! OMG, the people watching at the concert was amazing. Pat and I tried DESPERATELY to get pictures of the outfits these people were wearing. I will include a picture of what I wore, just so you know I wasn't wearing a bedazzled half top and a tiny skirt with knee high boots (NO JOKE WHEN I SAY SOME SIXTY YEAR OLD THERE WAS WEARING THAT!)

I think I was prepared for the girls to have on crazy outfits, but the MEN were EQUALLY as crazy. I don't know how many blond hair men with bandannas and straw cowboy hats were there! Seriously! It was PRICELESS! I will completely admit that I had tears in my eyes when he hit the stage. It was just so amazing to see him rocking out after having a stroke! Medicine at its very finest! I will also admit that I was scared I was going to get beat up in the bathroom because I don't think a lot of the people attending the concert had fallen in love with him on Celebrity Apprentice like I did! HA!

I have never been to such a RIDICULOUSLY loud concert before. My ears are still bleeding today! The drum was seriously like jiggling my belly fat! And the couple who was making out in front of us! OH MY GOD, I could just seriously go on for days about the people watching!