Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. DUMB TONY ROMO screwed me. I hate him, I hate the Cowboys, the end! I lost to my mom in Fantasy Football this week, MY MOM!

2. We had Jackson's parent-teacher conference this morning, and the words, "He is my star!" seriously crossed the teacher's lips. She gave this glowing review about how bright he is, but more importantly she said that she has never heard a mean word cross his lips! WHAT KIND OF FREAKING drugs do these teachers who have him take!!!???? I am convinced I need to record him at home so they can see him here! OMG! I love him, and I know he is bright and well behaved at school, but could I get a little of that at home!

3. The love of Tyler's life is coming home with us after school today! Please take a moment to visualize all three of us walking to the bus stop and then all four of us walking home. Do I have to wait for him to go home before I start drinking!?

4. Our pumpkins are growing mold, and as with most things that have mold, I want to throw them out, but really, they should be ok until Sunday night, RIGHT??????

5. Do you think all the Vaseline we slathered on them to preserve the carving added to the mold growth? We have the shiniest pumpkins on the planet right now!

6. I have decided that this will be the last season I watch America's Next Top Model. I don't really get the whole posing thing, and I don't really care if you had a baby when you were twelve, and you are doing this so that they are proud of you. Honestly, I feel old stating the above, but it is just NOT ENTERTAINING TO ME ANYMORE. Tyra and her circus clowns are no longer entertaining.

7. It is soooooooooo hard to get a doctor's appointment between the hours of 9:30 and 12:30 in a timely manner.

8. Pat has six days in a row off at Christmas. Since Tyler has been born, the four of us have NEVER spent six days in a row together. We are certain to kill one another. CERTAIN. AND, if we have spent more than two days together, we have been on some sort of trip-time to start planning some activities.

9. Took Tyler to breakfast this morning. . .Scramble was NOT GOOD! I had a terrible experience there, SAD!

10. Finally, number 10, I have been struggling with what to write, so needless to say, I am VERY happy to see #10!


Karissa said...

Giirrl!! I hear ya on Tony Romo! So annoying!

So proud of Jackson and his fabulous report! Such a sweet little guy he is :)