Saturday, December 18, 2010

After the Party is the After Party!

When I read in the local newspaper that the hotel down the street from us was hosting a Christmas party for kids, I thought it would be the PERFECT way to get in the holiday spirit. As with most things, Pat was supposed to go with us, he was late, showed up as we were almost done, but I am trying not to let this bother me AS MUCH as it used to. HOWEVER, I will one hundred percent admit that this is one of those events where I could have used about 8 extra hands!!!! It was incredible, and I think I would have been a little more relaxed if I had another set of eyes, ears and HANDS!!!!!!!!

Each department in the hotel had a booth set up. We made the HUGE mistake of going to the culinary department first, and they had GINORMOUS gingerbread cookies to decorate. They had tons of toppings and frosting, and the woman working there was darling, helping me with both of them. LOOK AT THESE COOKIES. . .

I say mistake of going to that booth first because GUESS WHO WAS STUCK CARRYING AROUND SAID CREATIONS!!!!!!!!!! I had no hands left to do anything, and at each booth they got prizes, stickers, reindeer food, etc. They had a Wii set up and a bowling game where you rolled the ball down the alley to elves. SOOOOOO FUN! Secretly I was hoping there would be some Candy Cane Martinis for the moms who were schlepping all the stuff around, but quite honestly, I would have had NO WHERE to put it! :-) They had hot chocolate and eggnog, popcorn, and Santa even made an appearance. All this for the grandiose price of two cans of food. TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY WORTH IT! As we were leaving Jackson told me that the Christmas Party was better than eating!!!! Those of you who know him, know that is saying A LOT!

Afterwards we went to Islands and had a great family dinner. By great I mean, we had dinner and listened to Tyler whine the entire time. She was one tired pup!