Thursday, December 30, 2010

Gets Better with Age

For those of you who don't hang out with Pat on a regular basis, you probably have not had the pleasure of hearing him talk about how he gets better looking with age. Seriously, he talks about it all the time! It is hysterical, and a constant source of entertainment (except maybe when I look in the mirror and don't share the same sentiment about myself, but I digress!). Since meeting him almost 12 years ago, I have heard about how he thinks he looks like Harrison Ford, that he is the white Denzel Washington, and his latest "twin" is Ryan Reynolds. It must be AMAZING to have the self confidence that Pat has.

Anyway, my grandma ADORES him, and if she happens to be over when he gets home from work, she oohs and aahs and gushes over how great he looks in his suit, shirt, tie, sweater, WHATEVER! It is really quite funny because we all know she will start talking about it the moment he walks in the door. This Christmas Eve, I had the kids in jeans and t-shirts, I was in jeans and a black shirt, and out walks Pat in his shirt, tie, sweater vest and dress slacks.

The moment we arrived at my grandma's house, she starts gushing about his outfit, and it was STILL GOING ON when we were on the dessert course of the meal. Just what Pat's ego needed, a little more hearing about how wonderful he looks.