Friday, December 17, 2010

Polar Express

I got one item off my Christmas list for sure this year, and I definitely BELIEVE in Santa. What an AMAZING experience it was to head straight to the North Pole and see where the elves and Santa are hard at work preparing for Christmas.

The kids have talked for weeks about going to the North Pole and telling Santa what they want for Christmas, and would you believe it, you couldn't get a word out of them when they were sitting on his lap. They sat and stared at him in amazement. It was really sweet. I did find out that Jackson wants a clock and the Super Mario game for DS, while Tyler wants a Hannah Montana CD and DVD. Did you know Santa has a limit on how many things you can request? You can tell Santa TWO items you REALLY want, and then after that, Santa gets to pick more things he thinks you might like if you have been REALLY good! (The picture isn't the best because they made me turn off my flash, and my pictures are always so fuzzy without it, why is that?)

The train ride was super fun, though I thought I was going to toss my cookies watching everyone chow down on chocolate chip cookies and a hot chocolate chaser! If you don't know by now, I CANNOT really stand sweets, a Vanilla ice cream cone from McDonald's occasionally, but the sweet and sweet combination was leaving my mouth COATED in a sick film, and I didn't have a taste of either. The kids loved it and were PLENTY sugared up for all the Christmas singing fun that occurred on the ride. I have to admit that it was SUPER fun singing the songs along with the rest of the passengers on the train, and I liked all the hand motions and movements that went along with it. My most favorite part of the ride would DEFINITELY have to be the chefs that were on board leading the singing. None of them had super voices, and I think that was KEY to it being such an amazing success. You didn't have to have a great voice, it was just about having fun.

When Tyler heard Santa was on the train, her eyes didn't deviate from the door that he was going to come through. She was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited to see him. She was a far cry from the terrified little girl that was Tyler. She is growing up so quickly and is much more willing to try things as long as mommy,daddy, or Jackson are nearby. I am pretty certain Jackson was in a food coma. He enjoyed himself, but he was much more reserved. He was so cute standing up and singing, "Five Golden Rings" in his "manly" voice with Patrick as requested by the chefs.

My recommendations if you go: bring your own copy of the Polar Express (I CANNOT STAND BEING READ ALOUD TO), DECK YOURSELF OUT (if you are the freakiest of freaky in your pajamas, you still won't be the most decked out), DECK YOURSELF OUT NO MATTER YOUR AGE, and bring ear plugs for when your kids receive their gift of a jingle bell from Santa on the train and ring it until it mysteriously disappears OR in our case is now sitting in a "treasured" spot on a HIGH shelf!