Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Look Into the Past Few Days


WEDNESDAY. Jackson gets off the bus, and he isn't really himself. He doesn't have a temperature, but he is just a little off. By 5pm, he is a little warm, and just ready to go to bed.

THURSDAY. Jackson stays home from school. Tyler goes to school. Jackson doesn't move from the couch all morning. Pat decides that Jackson needs to go to the doctor. The doctor gives him a strep test and flu test. The flu test is positive. $60 is spent on Tami Flu. About 10pm he is BURNING up, we give him a cool bath, he screams through the whole thing, I feel like I am up checking on a newborn baby all night long. Around 1 he feels much cooler.

FRIDAY. My mom comes to get Tyler to hang out with her, take her back to her house and keep her occupied while Jackson occupies my couch. Around 7PM, my mom says she starts to feel warm. She sleeps all night and feels better in the morning.

SATURDAY. About 10AM, we go to my mom's house, 35.10 miles away. We all have breakfast together. About noon, Pat and I leave both kids there, Tyler feels a little warm, but nothing serious. 3:30PM my mom calls and says that Tyler is not herself. Pat and I cancel our plans with Lori and John (I cry), we jump in the car to head back to Mesa to meet my mom at a Walgreen's Take Care Clinic, they were so busy they weren't accepting anymore patients. After much calling around, we ended up at a CVS Minute Clinic located at about Power and McKellips. The nurse practitioner there diagnosed her with a sinus infection and gave her an antibiotic. She was jumping around and fine begging me to stay at my mom's house. Finally, against my better judgment I agree. Pat and I drive back home, call Lori and John to see if we can just go out a little later. They agree, we go out. We wait over an hour for a seat at Cibo. When we are finally seated, we get to sit in the Carriage House, so charming and quaint. I am excited. The food is wonderful. I laugh so hard my stomach hurts. I am exhausted. Lori MAKES us go to Lucky Strike which a cross between a Glendale and Scottsdale club on Saturday night. I see more cleavage than I need to see while bowling. My mom calls, Tyler is really warm. We tell her to give her some more medicine. We go play some pool. I call my mom when we get home, she says Tyler was really hot, just kept moaning, finally fell asleep. We set alarm for 2 am so that we can discuss her status again.

SUNDAY. At 2am she is cooler. At 7 when I call she is just sitting on the couch watching Hannah Montana. I say I will just come pick her up after we go to breakfast. My mom says no come after her nap. She says she will keep Jackson until tomorrow. I say no I am just coming to pick them both up because if I have to drive 35.10 miles tomorrow because my mom ends up sick I MIGHT JUST LOSE MY MIND! Plus, I really think my mom deserves a BREAK! It is brutal staying up in the middle of the night with these kids! This family just cannot catch a break! Needless to say Pat and I have spent the entire morning cleaning this house, a far cry from the Phoenician Brunch we had planned, but we did sneak out for a half and hour and had a WONDERFUL burger at Burger Studio (7th St and Mountain View), if you haven't been, must go, the onion rings are HEAVENLY!