Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday

For as long as I can remember, Super Bowl has always been a "holiday" in our house. My definition of holiday is so much different than other people. Growing up, my parents fought a lot, but on "holidays" they didn't fight. I don't have any bad memories of Super Bowl Sunday. Everyone was always laughing, eating, having a good time. Maybe it was all the food, maybe it was the alcohol, but Super Bowl Sunday is up there with Disneyland and Christmas in my mind of wonderful things/places.

We have a little gambling game we play, and I always remember having to go to bed before the end of the game, and waking up in the morning and wondering if I had won or not?

I remember not understanding what the big deal surrounding commercials was. I didn't get the jokes, didn't really know why we had to suddenly take an interest in commercials when usually that was time for a potty break.

I still love fighting with Katie that a sub sandwich is the only thing one should eat on Super Bowl. And her telling me she only like Subway subs, and that the grocery store ones are gross because there is too much bread. (We are doing a "Soup"er Bowl theme this year to avoid the sub sandwich debate, but now I have to listen to Pat complain that it isn't Super Bowl food!)

AND, I almost forgot. . .every year, my grandma talks about how spicy her chili is, and how your mouth is going to be on fire. Each and every year, it is not spicy at all, but we all laugh as soon as she says it!

Honestly the list of memories and good times goes on and on and on and on!

I am so happy to have Lori and John in town this year to celebrate with us. Have I mentioned how much I love Lori. I need to start doing sit ups to prepare myself for all the laughing I plan on doing!

Anyone else have an Super Bowl traditions? Memories? Or am I the only crazy one who gets all sentimental over the Super Bowl!?


Pain to Purpose said...

I am not a football fan at all, so I don't really have any memories to speak of, but I really think your "Soup'er Bowl" menu is creative! I hope you have a great day! XOXO