Sunday, March 27, 2011

Out Like a Light!

I am JEALOUS of these people I am related to. Jealous because they have the ability to fall asleep with a live band playing right outside our window.

OK, so right outside is a little dramatic, but let me explain.

Last night we had a family slumber party in our family room. We pulled out all the mattresses and set up camp. As Jaclyn pointed out on Saturday, it's as close to camping as I get.

It was fun, I think we started a little too early in the afternoon, and we were all a little aggravated with one another by about five. We all "went to sleep" around eight, it was a little warm with all four of us in one room, so we opened the back door, and a wonderful breeze was coming through the room. It was FANTASTIC, until the live band started playing at the Country Club, maybe 100 yds away. I am not kidding that we were singing along with the music, and all of a sudden the other three people in the room, OUT LIKE LIGHTS, snoring and all. I am like, "What the heck, there's a BAND playing people?" I stayed in bed for about an hour listening to it, until I heard the band leader say that they were going to take a little break and be right back. I was not sticking around to listen to them cover Journey as they announced they would be doing. I went in our bedroom and sat down on the futon, watched some tv, and eventually ended up falling asleep there. FAR FROM THE LIVE BAND. We woke up this morning and had doughnuts, and the kids had a blast, but Pat told me I need to contact the Country Club next time I suggest a family sleepover.

I am INCREDIBLY, INCREDIBLY jealous of people who can sleep through noise. As anyone who has been "lucky" enough to live with me knows, I need complete silence to fall asleep, the tiniest noise wakes me up, I rarely sleep through the whole night, and I cannot go to sleep until everyone who is supposed to be at home in bed is at home in bed.