Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tball Goddess

Since the term "goddess" is all the rage these days thanks to a certain Two and a Half Men star. I thought it was only appropriate to describe my daughter as a tball goddess. I don't think I have ever been prouder than Friday night when she took to tball like a miniature Olympian. She paid such close attention to the ball and where it was at all times. I am certain no one ever told her anything about ready position, and she was constantly at the ready. And, her mom has obviously watched A League of Their Own a few too many times because when she wanted to wear a skirt and knee socks, I didn't even blink an eye. She was confident and it showed. Here are a few pictures from her debut performance!


Karissa said...

She looks beautiful!! She rocked the skirt and knee-socks! SO proud of my Tyler!!

Pain to Purpose said...

that is really cute!!