Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

This week's edition is brought to you by some of the things I have spent money on recently.

1. $350 for two new tires.

2. $7.99 for a temporary shower rod at Target.

3. $12 for an in air snack when heading home from Seattle-really worth every penny because it entertained a whiny, crying Tyler for a little bit of time.

4. $40.11 at Macayo's last Sunday. It was seriously the best meal and I scarfed it down. It seemed like it took FOREVER for us to actually GET to the restaurant, BUT once we got there, YUM YUM!

5. Haven't spent the money yet, but I lost my camera in Seattle, so I will have to get a new one, BOO!

6. $1300 for a new refrigerator, and worth every single penny. Once Pat and I figured out we had to put the filter in so that the water would stop tasting like a**, it made every penny worth it.

7. $874 on new carpet for the bedrooms. Shout out to Avilez Carpet and Tile. Seriously the only thing that has gone smoothly in this entire housing fiasco.

8. $55 to repair my leaking toilet so that we can go back to the land of two toilets again because one just isn't cutting it.

9. $480 for a home warranty, best money ever spent.

10. $117 for a new cell phone because the battery on my old one kept dying, not surprising, I don't think it was the phone, I think it is the amount I use it because the new one dies just as quickly!