Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. Happy 60th Birthday to my MIL! Hope she is having a wonderful day and eating lots of great food.

2. I have an excruciating headache today, it started as a stomach ache this morning, but has remained in my head and face the rest of the day. I have tried to suck it up and took the kids swimming, but mostly I unpacked my five boxes and tried to lie down as much as possible.

3. My goal is to unpack five boxes a day until they are all unpacked. So far this week I am two for two. YAY!

4. I tried to reimburse my mom for letting us stay with her while we were homeless because I would crank the air down, the water we used was much more than she normally does, etc. What does she do? She took the money and spent it on things we need around here. Some things never change-love my mom!

5. My sister and I took the kids to Cinnabon for a "snack" yesterday. While Tyler may not eat much on a daily basis, that girl will THROW DOWN dessert. She ate a large majority of the regular size cinnamon roll with me sneaking an occasional bite or two.

6. I am contemplating lying my head down on the desk and taking a break while writing this. OMG! It hurts so bad, and if it is a migraine, I will have to go sit in the gross doctor's office to get a prescription. I was holding my ice water cup to my head for awhile, it didn't help much.

7. Pat didn't get home until 10 last night, I love our security system, it makes me feel safe when I hear weird noises alone here at night.

8. I tweeted about how I cannot imagine sleeping with my bedroom door open, but it looks like I will be starting to do just that because I think the air flow will be better, and it will be cooler in there.

9. Fantasy Football will be starting again soon! YAY! So glad the lock out is over!

10. Our thermostat is on the same wall as our oven. Can someone? anyone? explain to me who thought that was a good idea. The second I turn the oven on the temperature spikes about six degrees and continues to go up! UGH!