Monday, August 15, 2011


How did this happen? How is it possible that Jackson is in first grade!? I remember my first day of 1st grade like it was yesterday! I was over going to school for a half day and couldn't wait to go all day. My first grade teacher is my friend on facebook! She was the most wonderful, amazing, special woman EVER! Jackson's teacher seems nice enough. I am hesitant about this year because I am not certain whether or not anyone will EVER compare to Mrs. Rogers. I don't think any of the teachers at the school I taught at in San Antonio compared to Mrs Rogers. But, I am trying to remain open minded and love this teacher just as much!

Here's a few pictures from this morning, though I don't know how much longer I will be able to get a picture of him in front of his "class sign" because he rolled his eyes about twelve thousand times before I snapped a quick one. To me, it is pretty amazing that only two other students from his class last year are in his class, and they clung to one another pretty quickly once they were to find a place on the carpet. I was not particularly excited about walking this morning, but we wanted to see his class and walk him in, so this morning we walked, from here on out, I will go back to taking him through the drop off line in my pajamas. The real torture will be pick up when I have to walk to get him every day in the HEAT! I am hoping that the pounds will just shed off from sweating and walking! :-)


Karissa said...

I remember his BIRTH like it was yesterday! I can't believe it! He looks SO handsome :)

You just gave me the idea to look for my 1st grade teacher on facebook....loved her!!