Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fox Restaurants

We are a house divided. I LOVE Sam Fox Restaurants. Patrick hates them. He thinks they are pretentious, over priced and not very good. Whenever given a chance, and I get to pick the restaurant, I will usually try to pick a Fox Restaurant. Olive and Ivy, LOVE! True Food, LOVE! Sauce, LOVE! Blanco, NOT A HUGE FAN! Bloom, YUM! The Greene House, HUGE FAN! Granted, Pat isn't as adventerous as I am when it comes to food. I like trendy food, fully admit it. I like sweet and savory combined. I like cupcakes. I like seeing what chefs can come up with!

Today, I met the Fox Restaurant I wouldn't return to! Zinburger was an incredibly overpriced, disgusting experience. The burger I had was flavorless, except for the salt lick bacon they put on top of it. It was SERIOUSLY hurting my mouth it was so salty, and I like salt. Usually Pat is the one that complains about it being too salty. Paired with the Cheddar Cheese, it was disgusting. The zucchini fries I got were soggy. I ate one and didn't touch another. Wouldn't you ask if something was wrong with an item if someone didn't touch it while it was in front of them? The regular home cut fries were burnt, and tasted more like potato chips they were so hard and crunchy. When I took Tyler to the bathroom, we were unable to rinse all the soap off of our hands because the water was SCALDING our hands. Pat said he had the same problem in the men's bathroom. I understand warm, I don't understand BOILING! When I asked for a comment card on the way out, I was told that they don't have those? WHAT????

The only redeeming quality was the Butterfinger milkshake, which was incredible, but I will do without having another one because I have no desire to step foot in there again. This time, Pat wins, Zinburger is overpriced, pretentious and hazardous to my children's hands!

Needless to say, I am now in a terrible mood because nothing bothers me more than a bad restaurant experience.