Monday, August 8, 2011

Random Monday

1. I really need to bite the bullet and buy a camera. I wouldn't want to read this blog because it is super boring with no pictures.

2. My sister, Katie, had her baby on August 4th. Alexander James (Baby Bud) was 9 lbs 14 oz and 22 inches long. He is precious, and I could hold him all day long! Hopefully this will inspire her to write a new blog so you guys can all see some pictures over there!

3. I have so many thoughts all of the time, and I want to write them down, but I forget, and then when I sit to write a blog, nothing comes out.

4. We watched The Roommate this weekend, I found it mildly entertaining, Pat didn't like it at all.

5. I hate cooking in the summer, nothing sounds good, and it is too hot to eat hot food. I would eat a salad every single day, but my family doesn't really like that idea, soooooooooo we eat out A LOT!

6. When we don't eat out, I am trying out a lot of Deceptively Delicious recipes, by Jessica Seinfeld. As long as the puree is mixed in, I can't tell it is there, but when there is a layer of "hidden" puree on something, it makes me feel like I am eating baby food, and I don't like it.

7. Apparently The Pioneer Woman is coming out with another cookbook, I will not be cooking my way through it, but I will buy it.

8. The Bachelor Pad premeries tonight. This day has been crawling by because I seriously cannot think of anyone else.

9. It is amazing how giddy I get about not having to share the pool with anyone. What would be nice is if it didn't consure a million and one hours of Pat's time throughout the week.

10. I started off thinking we had a lot of cabinet space and there was no way we would fill it all. I was wrong, I am out of space.

11. I think I am going to go into the tree trimming business, those people charge a FORTUNE!

12. Jackson's room is decorated now, and other than a closet door and some electrical outlet covers, it is done. I can't post a picture of his actual room because I don't have a camera, but these are the wall stickers and pillowcases I ordered, and I did an amazing job of putting them up, if I do say so myself.

13. I cannot go to Target without spending over $100, it just is not possible. Speaking of Target, their Champion tennis shoes are buy one get one half off this week, I bought Jackson the same pair in the next two sizes he will need. CLASSY!

14. Pat got me a Diet Coke from McDonalds at 6am, and I am still drinking it. It didn't have enough ice in it, so I didn't really like it, but I need the caffeine today!

15. Pat made me dinner last weekend, and it was a Paris theme. He got music, made French recipes, it was all so wonderful, and we were stuffed. Seriously, he made brie wrapped in puff pastry with apricot jam inside, OMG, that could have been dinner by itself, it was HEAVENLY! He made steak with a cream sauce and these green beans that were to die for. VERY FUN! I am going to go next, and I want to do a Carribean theme!


Claire said...

I love your random posts! =) And #15 is AWESOME!!!