Tuesday, September 6, 2011

1. How can a mole possibly appear on your face and no one can tell you whether or not it was there before? Does no one ever look at me? :-p

2. My sister has a new weird mole on her BACK, and I can tell her that it wasn't there before. HER BACK people!

3. Tyler started school last week, she is having a great time, it is weird having her gone five days a week. I don't know what I am going to do next year when she is gone ALL DAY!

4. The guest bathroom toilet is running, won't stop, and I have no idea what to do with it because it isn't your traditional toilet where you can jiggle the handle. Toilets have become my WORST freaking nightmare, seriously!

5. Phoenix Cooks! was amazing! Pat was a total lightweight and totally didn't take advantage of all the amazing free food you can stuff your belly with before drinking: wine, beer, gin, vodka, mai tais and pina coladas, so he wasn't feeling so hot in the evening, but it gets better every year. I seriously had the best time!

6. Tyler had this Mean Girl in her class two years ago, and they are in class together again, and she is still a Mean Girl. These are the stories I hear: "So and so isn't my friend because Mean Girl says she can't be!" WTF? "Mean Girl gets cotton candy every day and seven desserts tomorrow!" (That one is just stupid and annoying!) I must say, "Don't listen to the Mean Girl!" about a million and one times a week. Followed by, "Did you tell your teacher!?" OMG!

7. Do you ever think you are so much smarter than everyone you encounter throughout the day!?? I have been having that feeling lately! It is just a phase, something will happen soon that will knock me right off my high horse.

8. I really want a new car, instead tomorrow, I am going to sit at the service station to have an alignment and oil change, GAG! What a waste of time without kids!

9. We are having sandwiches for dinner all week because I refuse to cook.

10. Jackson's dead tooth is loose, I want it out so badly! Not only is it dead, but now it is dead and wiggly and just looks disgusting.