Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ten on Tuesday-The Master Bathroom Edition

1. This house is turning me into a crazy person (well technically I already was, but more so than ever)!

2. Before writing this post I was googling shower heads and sink fixtures. I have NEVER EVER EVER walked into a house and looked at any one's shower head, I have never thought about shower heads, but now I have to choose one from the 80 million styles available, and that is overwhelming to me because I want someone to choose for me, but it doesn't seem that anyone is willing to do that.

3. I haven't actually stepped into a tile store yet BECAUSE I am afraid. I am afraid I will see something I really want, and then it will be too expensive, and then I will be stuck with something for the next 30 years because that's how long it will be until I even think about redoing the shower again. I have tears in my eyes thinking about this because I don't like doing any of this.

4. There is this girl who has a blog I look at occasionally, and she is just SOOOOOO EXCITED about redoing her house, and gets really into things like shower heads and faucets, but I just can't bring myself to do it. How long do people actually spend in their bathroom that they care about it?

5. One of the men who came to give me an estimate looked in the shower and said, "Are you using this?" To which I replied, "No, we haven't used it since we moved in!" What I really wanted to say was, "It doesn't have a freaking shower head and it is covered in mold/mildew, what kind of moron do I look like!" He followed up my answer with, "Good because that is all mold in there." DUH!

6. And can I tell you the range of prices I have received to redo JUST THE SHOWER, anywhere from 1550 plus the cost of all the fixtures, door and tile, 3250 plus the cost of all the fixtures, door and tile, all the way up to 7600 which includes everything.

7. The 7600 shower better shave my legs for me, that's all I am going to say about that!

8. Do you know I don't even know how much tile is? I am sure there is some GIGANTIC range on that too.

9. I remember the days when my life didn't revolve around sitting at home waiting for some 4 hour window to expire and hoping that I don't get stood up. . .again!

10. Pinterest is going to be the death of me regarding shower tile because once I find one I think I really like in the deep dark land of the Internet (so I don't actually have to commit), I decide on a different one, and it is just a terrible cycle. I am loyal, but I have commitment issues, it is weird!