Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ten on...What Day Is It?

1. Seriously, I thought with the kids in school so much I would have so much free time and be bored. I can't even find time to do laundry! I have to say no because I have to do laundry. I am going to start using that as a real excuse for why I can't do things. "Sorry, I have to do laundry might come out of my mouth really soon!"

2. As if I didn't have a million and one other things to buy for our Money Pit. I really think I need a new dryer, and if I get a new dryer, I am getting a whole new set (washer and dryer)! I have to run everything through twice, which might also be contributing to my $657.99 electric bill! *MIGHT*

3. I am pretty sure it is the air conditioning causing me the pain and suffering regarding my electric bill. I want a new one desperately. We were told to wait until Spring because they are cheaper to install BEFORE the 117 degree temperatures hit. Happy Tax Return to me! Y'all want to come over and watch it happen. My kids are probably gonna go ape sh** with the crane and what not!

4. I am in shower planning mode. I have LOTS of fun ideas on pinterest, but I don't know who to show these ideas to. I need an architect or something. I don't know, I am just confused all the time. Here are some of the things I love, obviously not all together, but just a general idea!

THIS Decorative Pebble Shower Floor-SWOON!

We don't have wood floors in there, so it probably wouldn't look as cool, but bricks are my FAVE, as long as they are the right color, the front of my house, NOT THE RIGHT COLOR!

And I love this one!

5. We don't have closet doors, someone was supposed to come give me a quote today, but they stood me up, I HATE WHEN THAT HAPPENS! Sat here all day for nothing (well, I got a LOT done, but UGH!)

6. Made Buffalo Chicken Wraps for Dinner (buffalo chicken, carrots, celery, spinach, tomatoes, cheese) dip them in Ranch, HEAVENLY! I made them this morning, wrapped them up, put them in the fridge, READY FOR DINNER!

7. I miss my friend, Shannon. We are going to lunch tomorrow! 2 hours will not be enough.

8. We are having sushi for lunch tomorrow. I can't wait.

9. Did I show y'all the cool art I made for the office. It really goes well with our San Antoino FIESTA art, and I may have blown wax all over the freshly painted dining room walls and tile, BUT you know what, it was worth it! SO EASY!

10. Jackson's dead tooth is hanging by a thread, but refusing to fall out. It is pure torture! I want to cry everytime I see it.