Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fourth of July Weekend!

Our weekend started early Thursday morning at Matt's Big Breakfast! I now know why it is named Best Breakfast in Phoenix time and time again. The owner's wife is amazing, her sons are incredible and the food speaks for itself. A charming LITTLE place in downtown Phoenix, it wasn't exactly set up for our party of EIGHT, but they accomodated us to the best of their ability. Welcomed the kids, got our food out quickly, and overall, I will be returning, despite the price of gas and the drive that it entails to get there. Maybe Jackson, Tyler and I will go there one weekday for breakfast!

Off to Palm Springs, actually La Quinta, this adorable, quaint town outside of Palm Springs. We checked into the Embassy Suites, which as a parent, I have to say is the most amazing deal! Made to order breakfast every morning, happy hour every night, a gift for the kids at check in, etc. Our breakfast at Matt's was $40 and EVERY MORNING we were in PS, we got FREE breakfast. The hotel was absolutely silent, and at four stories, Jackson and Tyler could ride up and down the elevator and wave at us as we sat in the middle of the indoor courtyard. Grandma was a trooper and would run with them around each and every floor. Needless to say after the running and swimming, the kids were absolutely exhausted and slept like gems every night!

Friday we headed off to downtown Palm Springs! We didn't have any main goal there, EXCEPT we wanted to eat at Tyler's Hamburgers! It is probably hotter in PS than it is in Phoenix, and I have to say that we sat on the patio in order to enjoy this well-known establishment. IT WAS NOT A DISAPPOINTMENT! The hamburgers were amazing, the service outstanding, and I want to go back TIME AND TIME AGAIN! My cheeseburger was perfectly dressed with mayo, mustard, bacon, and pickles. YUM! The meat tasted like premium beef, and I enjoyed each and every bite! Our little firecracker, Tyler, didn't really like the hamburger, but they sure make a tasty hot dog that she gobbled right on up!

We made some great progress with Tyler's swimming this weekend. She was a daredevil in the pool, attempting to step down where she couldn't even stand above water, she went out with Katie and kicked her feet, smiling the whole time. Jackson was right at home kicking, swimming, doing "tricks", telling us to stand further and further away while he ran to us and jumped in or swam using "big arms"! The fact that she is smiling in the water, AMAZES ME!!!

The rest of the weekend we chilled out, ate at Panera TWICE, and just hung out by the pool! We all had naps, the kids slept great, it was a fantastic weekend had by all!! This week we start swim lessons, we are going to see a movie, I am going to the ballet, and we are going to work on our pool being less green. It is really green and ugly right now, but that's what happens when you leave two weekends in a row! Hope you all had a Fabulous Fourth!


K to the M said...

Okay, so the pic of them running in the hallway could totally be a Gap Ad! I love it! Looks and sounds like you guys had an amazing time! I can't wait to hear all about it :) Also, Tyler's hair looks amazing, have you ever thought about cosmetology school?! LOL!

Colleen said...

Remember your wedding reception hair, you could be on to something, but I would need LOTS AND LOTS Aqua Net! I can do anything with a can of tha sh**! OMG, do you remember Josh going into salons to try and find some, brings a smile to my face today!!

Cynthia said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pictures. LOVE THEM!