Wednesday, July 16, 2008

LONG, LONG Summer!!!!!

Seriously, I feel like this may be the longest, hottest summer of my LIFE!!! It may be that it is another year gone and my kids are freaking heavier than ever and taking them in and out of the car twelve times a day is just exhausting. One would think that I would be shedding pounds at a rapid pace since I lift at least 70 pounds of "stuff" in and out of the car each time we get in and out, but I just love food too much! Pat and I went with friends to the "Best Pizza Joint in the US", Pizzeria Bianco, last night, and I was SOOOOOOOOOOOO disappointed! It had A LOT to live up to after my new favorite hang out, Cibo, and it was not even close! We had an amazing time with friends, and I have to say that I will probably NEVER forget our experience there, and I will look on the building fondly, BUT I would never wait two hours for the soggy, not so yummy pizza!

Anyway, tomorrow is Jackson's last day of swim lessons. I am still trying to scam one of the teachers into coming to our home to do private lessons. We will see how it works out, but he has improved leaps and bounds in just 8 days. Already working on the backstroke, I think it may be possible for him to be an Olympic swimmer one day! However, with the arm on this kid, we could have the next NFL Quarterback on our hands. Tyler, OF COURSE, is his number one fan! Cheering each time he dives in and waiting desperately to hand him his towel when he gets out of the pool. She is such a sweet, sweet child out in public, if only she were that sweet at home!!! Her vocabulary is expanding DAILY, and I think we are up to three words that she will put together. Phrases like, "Here you go!" and "Diaper change" melt my heart because I was a little worried about her speech for awhile. When your first child is as social as Jackson, it makes you nervous to not hear so much! She could still win any sort of staring competition that I entered her in. Strangers talk to her, and she just STARES THEM DOWN, but give her some fruit snacks or cookies, and you are hers!