Sunday, July 20, 2008

Weekend Update

I just had to post about all the shoes that we got around here this weekend. Well, not the adults, but the kids. As many of you know, Tyler has what some like to call a SHOE FETISH!!!! So, she is absolutely beside herself with all the purchases! She was not such a fan of athletic shoes, but once Jackson told her that she could run in them, AND she realized that she got to wear socks like Jackson, she was sold. We got 8 pair of shoes here at the homestead for LESS than $80!!! Below are some pictures of the shoes that we got! The Adidas shoes, we got with orange, but I couldn't find a picture of those, and I was too lazy to find my camera! We also got a pair of hot pink and orange Mary Janes, but they only had a picture of the blue version online, so you will have to wait until she wears them with an outfit, and you can catch them in a picture! Also included are two pair of flip flops for Jackson! I LOVE SALES!

I also broke down and went to see a movie this weekend, and not a movie you would expect me to sit through, but I did it out of the kindness of my heart, and I went to see The Dark Knight! AND NOW I REMEMBER WHY I DON'T SEE THOSE MOVIES!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, the scariest movie I have seen in a really long time. I think it would have been less disturbing had Heath Ledger not died shortly after filming it, but he was so disturbingly GOOD at playing his role, that I was scared out of my mind the whole time, went pee TWICE, just to escape the insanity, and then there was the whole helicopter crash scene which just about set me over the edge. I spent a good majority of the movie looking away and hoping that it was coming to a rapid end, but it is a two and a half hour movie, so my trauma was not short lived! All in all, Ledger deserves every award that he wins for this movie AND MORE!


Claire said...

THAT is why I don't watch those movies either!!! They stay with me for a long time, too.

Love all the shoes! Where did you hit such a good sale?

Colleen said...

Nordstrom, Children's Place and Famous Footwear. I think you and I hit the Nordstrom sale last year! The clothes were not as cute for Tyler, but they had some cute stuff for Lauren's age!!!

K to the M said...

Love the shoes!! Hit up Children's Place yesterday. I realized why the sale was such a hit for you...cuz it's all summer stuff!! I can't buy anymore summer stuff cuz lord knows this place turns to winter OVER NIGHT! Can't wait to see Jackson and Tyler in their new kicks! PS. I have NO intentions of seeing that movie!!

Colleen said...

Oh yeah, we can wear summer stuff until like mid November, so it was some SERIOUS back to school shopping, LOL!! Even the pair of sweat shorts that I bought regular price came in at my most expensive item of $10.50!!!! Off to COSTCO, God do I love double shopping carts!

Anonymous said...

We love you for sitting through the movie with us! I promise, you get to pick the next one.